I have a guest post for you today by Wendy Dessler. Wendy has some really great tips for a great baby shower & for getting gifts you can actually use for your new baby & family!


Few things in life are more exciting than having a baby. Whether you are having your first child or second or even third, the baby shower is a major event. This is when those who love you come together to celebrate new life. With that new life are all the hopes and dreams we hold for the future. This child will be special and unlike anyone else. So, the baby shower should be unique and special as well. Here you will find a few tips to make your baby shower one that will never be forgotten.



Of course, the primary theme is “baby shower”, but the secondary theme will be whatever you choose. Some common ideas are:

  • The decor of the nursery
  • Primary colors, with basic kid props like blocks, fire trucks, or dolls
  • Safari or baby safari
  • Camo (green for boys or pink camo for girls


A few more unique ideas are:

  • Time theme – complete with clocks of all shapes and sizes
  • Voting booth theme, allowing people to cast a vote for gender of the baby
  • Rock-N-Roll theme
  • Bumble bee theme
  • Vintage (old fashion bottles, cloth diapers, diaper pins, and baby buggies)



The candy buffet is the pastry table of our time. While you can decorate with traditional pink and blue baby items, you can also opt for photos of the expecting parents, grandparents, and baby pictures of siblings.

To set up your candy buffet, you need a table, jars, table covering, backdrop (optional) scoops and lots of wonderful candy. You will need a bulk candy supplier to get the best selection and price, as well as unique items you will not find at your local grocery store. With a beautiful candy buffet, there is no waste. The leftover candy is taken home in gift bags by the guests.



While traditional gifts are appreciated, there is nothing wrong with letting your guests know that you would like specifics. This is especially true when expecting a second or third child. Many of the traditional items are already in your possession.

Rather, you might want to set up a crowdfunding campaign to build an additional bedroom on the house. Or you may want funds to allow you to stay home for an extended period of time when the baby is born. Perhaps you would like to raise funds to take your family to visit relatives in another state or another country. These are not gifts one person could or would normally give. But if you set-up a registry on a Crowdfunding site like Plumfund, they can contribute the amount they expected to spend on a gift and the combination of these gifts will allow you to welcome your new baby in your own way.

If there is a specific gift (like a crib, or changing table) that you would like, you can set up your traditional registry on your Plumfund registry. It is the best of both worlds.


So think outside the box and have a non-traditional baby shower that is unforgettable.

Here are some ideas from Cuddle Fairy on what to get your friend who’s expecting a baby.