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My Baby’s Hip Dysplasia

Our Story. Coping with my baby’s hip dysplasia wasn’t easy at first!  She was x-rayed when she was exactly 4 months old. Two days later our GP called & referred us to the hospital pediatric department. The doctor looked at the x-ray and said our daughter has severe hip dysplasia. She was put into a brace right then and there.  Two weeks later, we saw a specialist at Crumlin hospital in Dublin.  Our daughter has had lots x-rays & appointments tracking her development since. It’s been a difficult, emotional journey.  My daughter was in a brace 24hrs a day...

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2017 Stats – Did I reach my goals??

It’s back to the blog for me today! The kiddies have gone back to school after a fun and relaxing Christmas break. I quite like looking back on my old blog stats & goals from past years, so I’m going to write one for 2017. It’s exciting to see how much my little Cuddle Fairy has grown in a year! You can catch up with my 2015 blog stat review & 2016 blog stat review if you missed them. I will give you a few of my blog stats then let you know what my goals were for 2017...

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Pride in Your Postcode – Dublin

*collaborative post Throughout Ireland and the UK, there are amazing cities and towns that bring character, opportunity, and adventure to its residents and visitors. I’ve been lucky to travel around to see some spectacular sites around Ireland. Family travel is something we thoroughly enjoy. Getting away to explore somewhere new is exhilarating and a lovely break from the day to day routine. PCA Predict address verification has put together a beautiful new e-book called Pride in Your Postcode. They look at five different parts of the UK and Ireland and discuss what makes them so special and why they...

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The Best News EVER

We received the best news EVER at our daughter’s last hip appointment at Crumlin Hospital in Dublin. I’m so excited to share this with you – my wonderful readers who have been following our journey. But first, a little background. Our daughter was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 4 months old & was put into a brace on the day of her diagnosis. I wrote about our experiences in My Baby’s Hip Dysplasia. I talk about how hard it was to manage her in the brace & how it created a physical barrier between us. It was emotional & upsetting....

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January 2016 at a Glance

Instead of writing my week at a glance posts this year I am going to write monthly round up posts instead. My January 2016 at a Glance was busy, fast & windy! It was full of storms & crazy amounts of rain. The wild weather brought some amazing rainbows & beautifully colored skies!     We managed to get outside for adventures when the weather allowed. I love the cold, crisp weather when you get bundled up with your hat & coat.       The month started with taking down Christmas decorations. I detest that job – first...

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Our Days at Crumlin Children’s Hospital

Our soon to be 3-year-old daughter was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia at 4 months old. She was placed in a brace & since then, we have attended regular appointments at Crumlin Children’s Hospital in Dublin. If you haven’t read her story, you can read it here – My Baby’s Hip Dysplasia. We have attended the hip dysplasia clinic so many times, that I thought I’d share a little about our days at Crumlin Children’s Hospital. I hope this can help those who are heading over for the first time. We live in the west of Ireland so attending a clinic in...

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As Featured In

  You can find articles & interviews I have written for other blogs & websites via the links below. If you are interested in having me write something for you, please contact me, I’d love to hear from you.   March 2018 – Electric Jukebox Blog – The Perfect Mother’s Day March 2018 – Online4Baby – The 50 Most Influential Parenting Bloggers on Twitter in the UK (CuddleFairy is ranked #7) March 2018 – Bubblebum Blog – Mum bloggers, Every parent’s go-to guru February 2018 – A Few Favourite Things – A Few Favourite Things: Cuddle Fairy February 2018...

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My Week at a Glance 13

I can’t believe it’s my week at a glance 13!! I started writing these posts my first week of blogging. The time has absolutely flown by! It’s really nice to go back through the posts and read what we’ve done each week! We ended up having a very busy week. Lots of unexpected appointments & going ons cropped up.  Blogging has taken a back seat, & besides my linkies, I’ve only posted about My Baby’s Hip Dysplasia. The highlight of our busy week was spending quality time with my son.  We had some time to kill before an appointment so we went for...

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