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Cuddle Fairy

Gemstone Info

My gemstone jewellery and accessories are one-of-a-kind items, handmade by me in Ireland.

My jewellery combines the unique properties of gemstones with the energy of the Angels. This combination creates a high-frequency energetic connection and alignment which enhances your vibes all day.

Discover the unique healing and transformative properties of gemstones by adorning yourself with my exquisite bracelets, necklaces and accessories. Each piece of jewellery I offer is not just an accessory, but a gateway to self-expression and positive energy. 

Why choose Cuddle Fairy Jewellery?

* Handmade with Love *

My jewellery is handcrafted by myself and infused with love and care. Every bead and charm is thoughtfully chosen to create a unique and meaningful piece.


* Premium Quality *

All of my gemstones are high quality, natural and Grade A. I carefully select each gemstone for its beauty, healing and energetic properties. I use premium beading elastic for my bracelets and premium cord for necklaces and keychains.

* Holistic Benefits *

Each gemstone in my shop carries its own metaphysical properties, allowing you to harness the power of nature. From boosting confidence to promoting inner peace, my gemstone products offer holistic benefits for your mind, body, and spirit.

* Versatile Style *

Whether you prefer a bohemian, minimalist, or glamorous look, our gemstone bracelets effortlessly complement any style. Mix and match them, stack them up, or wear them individually for a personalized touch.


Experience the Magic of Gemstones

Gemstones naturally have an abundance of uplifting, protecting, grounding and energising properties within them that they share with those around them.


Each crystal has its own unique frequency. And because we are all energy, when we share our energetic space with a crystal, the frequency from the crystal enhances our energetic field bringing us calm, stability, protection, and raises our vibration.

Energy can be infused into natural gemstones where they are held and will radiate to those who hold or wear them.


I channel high-frequency, angelic energies into my gemstones. This creates a unique energy which is uplifting, protective, grounding and supportive of your personal growth.


This adds to the already powerful properties the crystal holds naturally.

About Light Coding

Some crystals hold Light Codes and activations within them, which are energy patterns. Over the years, I have had the great privilege of gathering crystal Light Codes from friends and family all over the world, which are stored in my personal crystals.

The Light Codes in my crystals are transferred to the crystals in your jewellery or crystal gift by their sitting and charging with my powerful crystals. They transfer information to each other that way.

When you wear your gemstone jewellery or hold your energised crystal product, the crystal Light Codes within them will connect to the personal Light Codes that are dormant within you.

This creates an activation that aligns the Light Codes within you that are waiting to be awakened, unlocking dormant potential. These Light Codes and activations help us to align our energy and increase our frequency.



"Becky created me the most stunning bracelet. Not only is it beautiful, it be crafted with care, grace and Becky pure light! The whole process was so personal and the attention to detail was above and beyond! This was so much more than a energy bracelet it was a really special experience. Can't wait to add to the collection."

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