I’ve been having issues with my recipe images showing up sideways on my posts. They look right on my iPhone, but somehow they magically turn sideways when inserted into a post. If I correct them within the WordPress media library, they look right on my laptop. But, Apple won’t have any of that and still shows them sideways! I love my iPhone, but this is madness.

Yesterday morning, I was working on my Homemade Pizza post and all the uploaded images were coming up sideways – to my horror! I wasn’t in the mood to remake pizzas in order to take new pictures.  So, I started Googling for a solution. Thankfully I’m not the only one this is happening to! I found several options. Most them of them took a lot of money or effort. Then I found Rotate Mailer.* It is an app for your iPhone. You load 4 images into the app & then email the images, and they stay the right way! I decided to buy the app, it cost e1.99. The site gives an explanation of why this happens & some tips.

Here’s an example from my Homemade Pizza post. This is the original image after it was uploaded to Cuddle Fairy.


After I downloaded the Rotate Mailer App, I inserted the pizza images into the 4  boxes, then emailed them to myself, so I can add them to my post.


I uploaded the image to Cuddle Fairy, that I had emailed myself via the Rotate Mailer app. And, inserted it into my post…Viola! Problem solved, it’s right ways up and is showing up properly on my iPhone too! So far I am delighted with this app.


I hope you found this helpful! If not, at least you found a nice Homemade Pizza recipe!! 😉 I’m off to fix my recipe images now!!

*Please Note: This is not an affiliate link, I wasn’t asked to write this. I am just sharing something I found, in case any of my fellow blogger friends or anyone else is having similar issues with their images.


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