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Now let me tell you why…

There are new regulations coming from the right, from the left, dropping in from the sky, bubbling up from the ground. Literally every day one of the social networks Cuddle Fairy shares on changes its rules, changes its algorithm and as a result, it’s getting more challenging for me to share my content and have it actually get seen (without having to pay social networks to do so).

At the end of the day, I have no control over what Facebook does or Twitter or any of the rest of them. The only space that is truly my own is my blog. So it’s hit me that the best way for anyone to see my posts is to subscribe to get them via email.

If you enjoy my posts, please consider subscribing to receive them via email.


our day at mulranny beach


I’ll tell you the details of how it works…

You pop over to my email subscription page. And enter your email address. You will receive a confirmation email making sure you are happy to subscribe. Your subscription can be canceled at any time.

I do NOT share email addresses with anyone. In a nutshell, your email address is stored in WordPress & when I post a new blog article that I think you will enjoy, I have it sent out to my email subscribers.

I don’t send every blog post out via email.

I also don’t send out any advertising or try to get you to sign up for something or offer you to get something for free by signing up to receive my blog posts via email. I really dislike those myself and therefore don’t send them out!

And I guarantee that your email won’t ever be used for any other purpose than to send you my blog posts. All of this is in my terms of use.


Life begins the end of your comfort zone


The content that gets sent via email…

I tick to send you posts about positive thinking, lifestyle topics like travel, recipes, reviews, giveaways & parenting. All things that I hope you will really enjoy!

You can expect an average of 2 posts per week.

I hope you will sign up because you enjoy my content and don’t want to miss a good post! But to tempt you further, I often get exclusives new products to try out before they are in the shops. I’m quite generous when I get new things and try to save one to giveaway for my lovely readers!

I have weekly positivity focuses as well to bring you a daily dose of positivity & beautiful photos from the scenic West of Ireland.



I’d really love your support and for you to subscribe to my posts via email. If you have any questions about how it works please contact me.


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