I joined Klout a couple days ago – I know, I’m behind the times! I wanted to display my Klout score/link on Cuddle Fairy but couldn’t find a widget or badge anywhere. After Google searching for awhile, I found a great post on Geek is the New Chic with a working code for WordPress & Blogger sites. I think this badge looks really nice too (check it out on my sidebar). It’s super easy to install, which is all the better for people like me who don’t code!

1.  Copy this code for a WordPress site: (Edit: I am displaying my own code now because people were having issues with the code I had posted. Change off CuddleFairy for your Klout ID – I hope this works better)

<center><iframe src=”http://widgets.klout.com/badge/CuddleFairy” style=”border:0″ scrolling=”no” allowtransparency=”true” frameborder=”0″ width=”200px” height=”98px”>< /iframe ></iframe></center>

2.  Go to Appearances – Widgets.

3.  Add the code to a text widget.

4.  Be sure to change “CuddleFairy” to your Klout username. If you sign into Klout with Twitter, then your username is your twitter name, same goes with Facebook.

Check out the link here for the full post. And, for the Blogger Code. I just installed the badge so I don’t know if the score will change properly over time or not, but wanted to share! Let me know how you get on with it. (Edit: It’s been a few days since I wrote this post & the badge is working really well, changes scores perfectly!)


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