Klout-  What's it all About-

Klout: what’s it all about? In this post I will explain what klout is.  Last week I wrote a post about how to Get a Klout Badge for your blog. To my delight, it’s received a lot of interest & comments. And within those comments were a lot of questions about what Klout is and how to use it. Now, I am not a Klout expert. But, I’ve done some googling & would like to share what I’ve learned. So here we go!

1. What is Klout?

Klout is the measure of your influence on social media.

2. What’s this about influence?

Klout has a high-tech system that measures social media signals. Such as, retweets, favourites, shares, likes, comments, etc. When you put something onto social media, Klout tracks what happens. So, if you put up 10 tweets and they all get retweeted, that’s a signal that you are super influential. If you tweet 10 tweets and half get retweeted, you are very influential but not as much as the person with all the retweets. Basically, Klout keeps on eye on how people respond to you on social media. The better the response, the higher your score.

3. Which social media accounts are we talking about?

When you sign up to Klout, you have the option to join with Twitter or Facebook. Then, after joining, you can add your other social media accounts. Klout includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Google + among other networks.

4. What does your score mean?

Your score ranges between 1 – 100. The higher the score, the more influential you are! For example, Justin Bieber has a Klout score of 92. Barack Obama has a Klout score of 99. The average score is 40. Users with a score of 63 are in the top 5%.

Apparently, your Klout score can impact certain job opportunities. And, it can be used in various ranking systems.

5. What happens after you sign up?

You get a homepage that shows some of your recent tweets, social media networks & what you are interested in. Here’s the Cuddle Fairy page:


When I hit the home icon on the top left, it lists my options:

–  To follow influential people in your chosen area (blogging for me).

–  To share content about your chosen area.

–  There’s a tab that measures your score over time.

–  And, you can use Klout to schedule your blog posts.

So, there’s plenty to keep you busy. I’ve noticed that Klout is listed as part of your overall score. So, using their features can add to your score.

6. What is a +k & why are people tweeting about it?

I used to wonder this myself until last week! Every day you get so many +k’s to give away.  On your home screen, there is a little search icon. Type in the name of a person or blog & their homepage comes up. If you hover over the icons under their name, a +k appears. If you click, then you just gave them a +k about that subject. It’s like a bonus saying they do well in that area. Here’s an example: I went to When the Dust Settles and gave them a +k about children.


After I clicked, Klout gave me the option to send a tweet so I did. Giving a +k helps a person’s score, so share the love!

7.  How to boost your Klout score?

It all comes down to how people react to you on social media. So here are my tips:

a. Keep growing your networks with interested followers so they will retweet and like what you put up.

b. Post interesting, funny or helpful content.

c. Interact with your followers.

d. Retweet and share other people’s content in the hopes they will return the favour.

e. About half of the people I’ve given +k’s to have given one back so that’s worked to help my score.

f.  Be sure to add all your social networks to Klout, they will all help boost your score.

Let me know what you think, any tips you might add or any questions you still have! 🙂