I’m honoured to accept my 3rd and 4th Liebster Awards from two fantastic bloggers. My 3rd nomination comes from Rod at Modern Dad Pages. His blog posts about the SAH dad’s perspective and are always fun to read. Plus, he hosts the oh so fun linky #wineandboobs. ย My 4th Liebster Nomination comes from Harps at Baby Brain Memoirs. She blogs about life in England as an Indian Vegetarian with her young son. Her posts have lots of beautiful photos in them! Please check out both of these wonderful blogs!

You can read about my first Liebster Award and nominations here, and about my second Liebster Award here. Since this isn’t my first nominations, I will answer Rod & Harps questions but won’t nominate any new blogs.

Here are Rod’s Questions & My Answers:

Here are Harps Questions & My Answers: