For my family, friends and twitter pals, you already know that my house is under siege. A super horrifyingly nasty stomach bug infected my 2-year-old daughter Sunday night. She vomited all day Monday, then the other end started – yup – couldn’t’ keep up with changing her nappies / diapers.  We have been up watching Fireman Sam, Curious George, Peppa Pig, & Baby Jake. Wednesday night she slept – the whole night, for the first time since Saturday night. And I bet you can guess what happened…my 5-year-old woke up vomiting.  The nastiness is spreading, picking us off one by one. Starting with the littlest and working its way up. My 8-year-old, husband and myself, are wondering who it will take out next!

Meanwhile, I started my first linky on Tuesday, Candid Cuddles. I am so delighted by the response it has gotten. And, I loved going through all of the wonderful quotes everyone posted. It’s been uplifting and a positive light (in between the vomit cleaning). Thank you so very much to everyone who participated!

In a stroke of pure madness, I started a second linky, yes in the same week! With two good blogger friends of mine, Rod at Modern Dad Pages & Trista at Domesticated Momster.  It’s called #foodpornthursdays. It went live this morning and the recipes being linked up are amazing. They have made me so hungry. I can’t eat in front of the vomiting children so I have been eating away from them & hiding in the pantry! lol