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2022 Bedroom Design Predictions You`ll Fall in Love With

We can’t predict the future, but our designers have noticed a resurgence in certain bedroom styles and furnishings over the last year. In 2022, we expect many of these to find their way into magazines and TV shows.

These 2022 bedroom design predictions from interior designers are bold but believable, and you could get ahead of the pack by using them now.

70s retro revival

The retro style of the 70s will make a comeback in 2022, with browns, oranges, yellows, and purples replacing today’s greys and whites.

Wooden beds will replace metal beds, and divan beds will replace footboard beds. The 70s revival will bring back wood-clad walls, rattan and macramé wall hangings, swivel chairs, and retro wooden furniture with tapered legs.

Pictured: 70s Bedroom Décor, a time when funk wasn’t just for listening to, it was bold for the eyes and a collage of powerful patterns in the world of home decor.

90s urban revival

Some 90s styles like bed skirts deserve to stay in the history bin, but things like neon signs and botanical wallpaper are due resurgence.

Canopy beds, poster beds, and blond wood furniture will make a return. Wall prints, lava lamps, bright colour explosions, and pastels will be in fashion. Boho doorways will come back with a bang, and wicker will replace plastic storage. Luxury curtains make a beautiful statement and add to the warmth of the space as well.

Divan beds

Divan beds have a base for the mattress and a headboard with no footboard. They will be a top choice in 2022, with the in-built storage, space-saving design, and customisable legs (you can put the bed on wheels) proving too good to pass up.

Pictured: Rest Assured Rufford Divan Bed, Available from Bedstar.

Patterns and polka dots

Monotone greys and whites will be replaced by patterns and polka dots. Floral and geometric patterns will be used to make feature walls that pop, creating exciting areas in bedrooms that have been starved of personality.

Some bedrooms will use pattern combinations, like stripes and florals, paisley and plaid, chevrons and stripes, and polka dots and florals.

Dark ceilings

Interior designers say light ceilings are best for giving the illusion of space, but darker colours work better when sleeping. Dark colours absorb light, so on ceilings, they help make rooms feel cosier, creating a cave-like experience.

Dark blues and chocolate browns are great options because they are natural yet elegant, giving a bedroom class and cosiness.

Soft furnishings

Big piles of cushions, throws, shaggy carpets, knitted blankets, plaids, and matte furniture will be used liberally in bedrooms to create comfortable spaces. Comfort will be the new look, introducing a plethora of soft furnishings.

Pictured: Shabby Chic – The early `90s decor trend is making a huge comeback.

Playing with fabrics is one of the most exciting things about interior design, and there’s no more proper place to do it than in your bedroom. You can also find beautiful products that help you to de-stress like the Crystal bedding collection made from sustainable cotton.

Brown is back

Brown has been a part of interior design forever, but it has fallen out of favour in recent years, with grey replacing it.

In 2022, chocolate browns, beiges, and sand colours will replace greys and whites on walls and lighter curtains to create contrast. Brown will no longer as dated but an elegant alternative to whites and creams.

Pictured: Earthy tones set the theme in the Bedroom, creating a natural haven and peaceful sleeping sanctuary.

Organic materials

Rattan storage will replace plastic storage, cork furnishings will replace metal furnishings, and wooden beds will replace metal beds.

As the world bands together to address climate change, the natural world will find its way into bedrooms in new places.

There is an upward trend in using organic materials such as woven, natural decorations like seashells and stone to give bedrooms an eco-vibe.

Smart décor and furniture

Tech-integrated innovative décor and furniture sales are set to go through the roof as devices become more connected and capable.

Products like smart lights, smart blinds, smart touch mirrors, and powered chairs will find their way into bedrooms. Lighting will be controlled using voice commands, and smart chairs will save your favourite positions at the push of a button.

Which trends take your fancy?

Fancy a bit of 70s revival? 90s style more up your street? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so share your tips in the comments section below.

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