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4 Tips for Planning a Luxury Tour in France

France is a European destination where most travellers from around the world want to go and all travel agencies offer holiday packages for the specific destination. It is difficult to organise a tour there that is unique and nothing like all the others but not impossible.

The secret to creating the perfect tour is to know the needs and preferences of each travelling group and organise activities based on those. In this article, you will be presented with tips that will accommodate a group of tourists who can afford and wish to indulge in extravagant services and activities.

Tip 1: Get a tour operator

First and foremost, you will have to hire an experienced tour operator in order to be able to organise a realistic daily schedule that all travellers will enjoy and they’ll be able to follow. Such a professional knows what kinds of activities are expected in a luxury tour and they know which are the most popular and well-received out of all the luxurious activities. The most important aspect of receiving the luxury travel services in France with Travelway is that not all itineraries are the same. On the contrary, based on the profiles and the needs of all the individual travellers the best itinerary is drafted and organised.

Tip 2: Hotel

Booking rooms and suites in a hotel that you have stayed at before and you know that you can trust them is important. Make sure that the hotel has a variety of services to offer so that your travellers always have interesting choices of things they can do, even in the hotel. Going for a swim, enjoying a massage session, grabbing a delicious meal or a quick drink before going out is an easy way to make sure that they always have fun things to do.

Tip 3: Transportation

A luxury tour means that you get to wander around the country in luxurious vehicles. Having a spacious minibus so that all travellers are comfortable while going from one museum to another is obvious. It would be nice to have limousines and other fancy cars to go to an expensive restaurant to taste fine French cuisine or watch a play. Again, the comfort and the entertainment of the group is a priority and this is why it would be a good idea to always have blankets, pillows, food and alcohol in all the vehicles you use so that you can always satisfy all their needs.

Tip 4: VIP offers

Since we’re talking about a luxury tour, you should contact museums, restaurants and other entertainment and cultural venues and ask for private tours and book services that they offer for special guests. This is the ultimate way to show your clients that you have planned and fulfilled the best luxury tour they could have imagined.

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