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5 Important Life Skills to Teach Your Child

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There are many important life skills to educate us throughout our lives, and these all can help your child in their overall development as they grow into young adults. This private school in Oxford shares 5 life skills you could choose to teach your child.

1 - Being honest

Unfortunately, no matter how painful it could be, telling the truth is the best way to navigate the issue. Show your child that they should feel comfortable to share the truth with you and come to you for help as well. In telling the truth you’re able to help your child with the correct knowledge in front of you and in a way that works for you both.

2 - Being resilient

Resilience means your child can tackle problems head on without any or minimal repercussions or changes in your child’s attitude. It’s a skill that some kids pick up easier than others, but it’s nevertheless a core skill your child will appreciate using. Showing your child how to solve problems and take on responsibility are big parts of working on a child’s resilience skills.

3 - Being a good listener

While we all know how to physically listen, children should be taking this opportunity to absorb what they’re being told and use it for the future. Listening is more than just nodding and moving on.

Your child may need to listen better in the classroom for instance - ask your child to work on how they understand a teacher’s next steps. Would they prefer to write down what they just heard? Showing your child that they can accommodate their own needs will help them in their listening skills.

4 - Knowing when to ask for help

We’ve all been guilty of feeling too afraid or shy to ask for help, especially when you’ve told someone you’re managing just fine. Make it clear that there is no shame in asking for a hand here and there, and show your child some examples. You could ask your child for help on understanding something that they’ve been studying in school and utilise this time as building a connection with your child.

5 - Effectively solving problems

Your child will be used to solving problems throughout their school time, which is why it’s heavily relied on during class time. Push your child through this by making time for problem solving games and activities, as well as trying to help your child with their homework and other assignments. Get them thinking in different ways to solve their problems.

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