Creating our Dream Horse with Petplan

A few weeks ago I wrote about my son’s new dream pet soft toy that Petplan pet insurance brought to life from his drawing. Well, Petplan Equine Horse insurance has invited us to take part in their campaign for children to use their artistic skills to create their dream horse. Of course, we were thrilled to take part! The dream horse drawing was then sent off and transformed into a soft toy!!

This time, my oldest boy and little lady worked together to create my daughter’s dream unicorn pet! I think we have all dreamed of owning a horse or unicorn. There’s a magical relationship between people and horses.

My 10-year-old son drew the unicorn outline for his sister to colour in. It was so nice to see them work together on this project. It was teamwork at its best!!

Creating our Dream Horse with Petplan insurance - drawing the outline

As you can see, she really took her time to create her dream unicorn. They really enjoyed working together to create the unicorn that lived only in my daughter’s imagination. We sent off the drawing & Petplan amazingly made it into a beautiful soft toy! The attention to detail is unreal. Every stripe on the unicorn matches up to the drawing, and even down to the unicorn’s one purple leg!

Fun with a Dream Unicorn

My daughter’s dream unicorn was quickly introduced to all of the other soft toys in the house. Dream pet unicorn has played games and has come with us to town.  Her beautiful dream unicorn has a great time with my son’s Petplan dream pet... they are besties!

Petplan Equine Insurance

Petplan Equine Insurance inspires to keep the nation’s horses healthy. They understand that horse owners have specific needs when it comes to finding the right insurance policy. They are one of the few equine insurance providers to offer genuine lifetime policies. Petplan also has a 12-month policy that’s designed to suit all needs. They offer a variety of insurance policies to cover horses of different ages and riders.

I’m delighted to learn that Petplan works with charities to rehome animals. And they created Petplan Charitable Trust which has raised over £7 million to help animals.

Learn more over on the Petplan Equine horse insurance website.

This post has been possible thanks to Petplan, but all thoughts are my own.

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