Dining on NCL Breakaway

We had a fabulous cruise to Bermuda last month.  It was 7 days & 7 nights of entertainment, eating, drinking & relaxing.  In this post, I’ll tell you about some of our dining experiences on NCL Breakaway.  There are lots of fantastic dining options but I’ll just highlight our favorites.

Below, on the right side are photos from the buffet.  It’s huge & there are lots of choices.  My favourite part of the buffet were the amazing fish decorations made from fruit rinds!

Otherwise, the buffet wasn’t for me.  I much preferred sitting down & being served. But, the kiddies loved it. The huge amount of choices dazzled them along with the self-serve soft ice cream machines! Below, left is a custom made burger from Uptown Grill.  It’s an outdoors restaurant near the kids pool & they make a delicious burger! Below, left was a long island ice tea from Fat Katz Jazz Club.

dining on ncl breakaway 7

They know how to make a great cocktail on board!  Martinis at Shakers were gorgeous & Norwegian’s own red wine blend was superb, I highly recommend it.

dining on ncl breakaway 3

A cruise highlight for me was attending the Wine Lovers Musical.  My Aunt & Uncle minded the kiddies because the kids club was closed (oddly enough) during the musical.  The Spiegel Tent is nicely decorated in dark colours. The tables were full of wine glasses. Each person gets six glasses of wine! Along with a starter, main course & dessert. This was our table.

dining on ncl breakaway 2

The presenter is quite camp – he sings about wine & introduces each wine at different stages of the meal.  The show gets funnier as it goes along, partially due to all the wine. lol The main course was delicious – steak & shrimp.

dining on ncl breakaway 8
dining on ncl breakaway 4
dining on ncl breakaway 10

One evening we went to a speciality restaurant called Teppanyaki.  It wasn’t the best hibachi I’ve ever had, but the atmosphere was fantastic.  We had such a great time & the kids LOVED it! They were totally amazed by the chef’s tricks. Particularly when he tossed an egg up & down with his spatula & then caught it in his hat.

dining on ncl breakaway 5
dining on ncl breakaway 9
dining on ncl breakaway 6

Overall, the dining on NCL Breakaway was very good to excellent.  It was much nicer than I was expecting & we all really enjoyed our meals.

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