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Drinking Coffee Like an American

Americans certainly love their coffee. When you think of American coffee, you probably have

an image in your head of coffee being served in diners from drip coffee machines. A waiter

or waitress walking around offering refills.

Americans have a long relationship with coffee, and figures suggest that Americans

consume 400 million cups of coffee every single day.

In this guide, we’re going to delve into American coffee habits and preferences so you can

see what it means to drink coffee like an American.

Coffee Beans

The vast majority of Americans prefer arabica coffee beans. If you walk into a store or a

coffee shop in the US, it is likely that this is the kind of bean you will find.

Arabica is known for being more delicious as a coffee bean than robusta, which is an

alternative that is easier to grow in more challenging environments. Robusta does have its

charms, though, and it is becoming more popular due to the fact that it has high caffeine

content. Some people use robusta beans and blends at home, giving a boost in the morning.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are synonymous with America. Some of the biggest coffee chains in the world

started in the US, including Starbucks. There are also many thriving independent coffee

shops and smaller coffee chains.

There are some really interesting and telling statistics about coffee, and the varieties that are

sold. 31% of espresso-based drinks, while the rest is brewed coffee.

It is very common for Americans to drop by a coffee shop at some point in their day,

especially in bigger cities where there are a lot of them. Lattes and other espresso-based

drinks are relatively popular, but drip coffee and “Americano” coffees are even more


What is Americano Coffee?

Americano is hot water and espresso. It is one of the simplest coffee drinks to prepare. If you

have an espresso coffee machine at home it is really easy to make an Americano coffee.

The term Americano comes from the Italians describing the way that Americans drink their

coffee. If you go into Starbucks you can order an Americano, also known as Cafe


Of course, if you are preparing it at home then you have a variety of different options, and

you can choose to prepare your espresso with a variety of beans. You can also choose

different ratios of hot water and espresso. This can lead to different taste profiles, and also

leads to different levels of caffeine.

If you want an extra boost then you may want to consider a double shot of espresso, for


Coffee at Home

Whether at home or in the office, Americans still prepare a lot of coffee using the ‘drip coffee’

method. This can involve using a coffee machine or a simple paper filter.

Many modern drip coffee machines simply require water and coffee beans to be added, and

they even heat the water before it passes through the coffee. This imparts the flavour and

brews into the delicious drink we know and love. Drip machines may have hot plates to keep

them warm, too, which means that you can enjoy multiple cups of the good stuff without it

getting cold.

Of course, as the rise of barista-style coffees has also grown in America, more people want

exciting ways to prepare coffee drinks. Pod and capsule coffees are relatively popular, and

the convenience they offer means they are becoming even more mainstream in the US.

Instant coffee still has its place in America, too. Studies show that it is the older generations

mainly who enjoy instant coffee. Of course, the “just add water” method of making coffee is

really convenient and it is no surprise that some people still use this way of getting a quick

caffeine fix.

How Americans Take Their Coffee

As Winston Wolf says…”Lots of cream, lots of sugar.”

America is one of the only countries where cream in coffee is a mainstream addition, with a

lot of countries preferring to serve coffee with milk, traditionally at least.

American coffee preparation methods have grown to be used globally, though, so cream is

becoming more of a mainstay in the UK and parts of Europe, especially added to a

traditional Americano.

enjoying it black.

In coffee shops, there has been a recent trend towards seasonal flavours like pumpkin spice

and syrups that can be added to bring new and exciting flavours while sweetening coffee.

Some purists will steer clear, but there are always new options cropping up. The coffee

industry is evolving, after all.


America can consider itself one of the ‘early adopters’ when it comes to coffee. The daily cup

of joe has been a part of American culture for over a century, and the US is continuing its proud tradition of importing and brewing some of the world’s greatest coffee.

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