Harvest Full Moon – How to Harness the Energies

It’s been my intention this year to start sharing Earth’s energies and ways to connect that will help you to self reflect, grow and empower yourself and your energetic body. I’ve been doing that on my Facebook and Instagram and have decided to start a series here on my blog.

For my first energy update post, I’m going to share how to harness the energies of the magically beautiful Harvest Moon. In 2020 this moon is on the evening of Thursday, October 1.

A few things make the Harvest Full Moon special. First, it’s not associated with a particular month. Rather, it is linked to the autumnal equinox. The Harvest Full Moon is the nearest full moon to the equinox. So it sometimes is in September and other times in October.

Second, it appears really huge and often as a beautiful orangey colour. The large appearance is due to the moons low position in the sky. It looks so magical and truly brightens up the night sky.

Lastly, the Harvest Moon is a symbol of new beginnings. The moon corresponds to the harvest time of year when farmers are busy harvesting their crops. This full moon illuminates the sky for them right after sunset. And after the hard work of the harvest, it is a beautiful marker of a new chapter of the year.

Tuning into Mother Nature

Traditionally we celebrated Mother Earth, the seasons and the celestial events in the sky. We lived in harmony with Mother Earth’s cycles and in that space we were connected to her energy and vibrations. Over time, these traditions have been lost in many cultures around the World.

Instead, people are tuned into the energy of media, social media, tv and other electronics. They give off their own vibrations. Those artificial vibrations are giving us a false energy connection which keeps us away from the natural vibrations of nature that we are meant to be in tune with.

When we track the seasons and beautiful events like the Harvest Moon, we weave our energy with Earth and with nature. And in that space, we open ourselves for true connection, healing and empowerment.

Even though these traditions are largely lost in a mainstream sense, we can still do simple things to allow ourself to tune into Mother Earth and the beauty of nature. And that is why I feel called to share these techniques with you all.

Harnessing Full Moon Energy

Full moons are a wonderful time to let go of things that don’t’ serve you anymore because the energies available during full moons are of a pulling nature. That’s why you can see kids acting up, people being more agitated than usual and so on. Those are results of the energies within them rising to the surface from the pulling energy that the full moon brings to Earth.

So if we understand that these times are pulling, then we can use that pull to our advantage and officially let go of things we don’t want to be part of our lives anymore. When we practise letting go and self-reflection during full moons, our intentions are boosted or more potent because of the energy the full moon provides to support our work.

Full Moon Ceremony

A full moon ceremony is simply a way to harness the energies being presented during the full moon in an organised way. It can be as simple or as complicated as you feel called to create.

At the core of a full moon ceremony is:

  1. Writing intentions

  2. Lighting a candle

  3. Burning incense

  4. Sitting in a quiet space

  5. Coordinating your ceremony with a full moon – ideally on the day of the full moon or the day right before or after.

Set yourself a sacred space by lighting a candle and taking a deep breath. Invite your Guardian Angel and guides to join you. Write down what you intend to let go of. This could be traits, habits, patterns, situations, relationships, or anything else that you feel doesn’t’ serve you anymore.

For each item on the list, it’s important to honour that item. Thank it for the lessons it has brought you and send it lots of love. That’s really critical to do before letting go. It makes the process more complete.

To officially release each item you can close your eyes and say out loud or in your mind that you are letting go of this habit, trait etc. Or you can (carefully and safely) burn the paper you wrote the items on. Do what resonates most for you.

See in your minds eye that these traits or items on the list are pulled from you and float away, with love and gratitude.

Burning sage or incense is a nice addition to a full moon ceremony as is adding crystals or other touches that make it personal to you. Let your intuition guide you in creating your space and in moving through your ceremony.

Harvest Moon New Beginnings

Because the Harvest Full Moon is so big and because it symbolizes new beginnings, there is additional magical energy to this moon. I highly recommend you try a full moon ceremony for this year’s Harvest Moon. If you do I’d love to hear how you find it and how you see changes in your life in the coming months.

I’ll be sharing about setting intentions at the new moon in my next article so stay tuned for that. You can follow me on my social channels below so you don’t miss my next energy update.

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