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How to Raise a Polite Child

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Polite children will shape our future, and it means that your child has the awareness to be a better, more rounded person in the future. This is a great opportunity to help your child learn to be a valued member of society, and kindness will often take a child further through life than if they misbehave.

To help children understand what it means to be polite, here are some tips you can follow.

Pay attention to your child

Making an effort with your child is something we can forget about if we’re thinking about something else, but it’s incredible how many details your child will remember. Having a look at what your child does each day reminds them that you do care and that you want to see them do well. If they aren’t able to understand kindness and respect - core areas in learning to be polite.

Make eye contact with them often, nod your head as they speak to you, and ask them lots of questions. They won’t know what that looks like if you don’t show them yourself.

Teach them about manners

Manners are what we all use to effectively cooperate with others. Asking for something often doesn’t come without the word “please”, and you should always be thanking someone once they’ve completed a task for you.

Children should also be learning these words on a regular basis. Not only should they be saying please and thank you, they should be able to ask a person politely for something, such as a bus ticket or when they’re buying something at the shop. Opening a door for someone, offering a hand to someone that’s stuck, or to give someone back a possession they just dropped are all examples of other ways your child can help others.

If you show them how to do these things they’re more likely to naturally pick them up as they happen in front of them.

Sharing is caring

Another good way to show your child how to be kind and supportive is by sharing. It’s a good way of showing your child how to use their toys, food and other treats with others. That helps your child know that offering something to somebody else can make them feel important and cared for. It’s often a good way of helping children make new friends, too.

We all know it’s important to teach our children about being polite, and there are many ways you can achieve this. But it’s also worth exploring other avenues as well, should you feel you are not getting anywhere with your current tactics. Should you feel like you need a second opinion, teachers and staff at this private school in London would be able to help.

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