My Week at a Glance 23

Welcome to my week at a glance 23. I don’t know where to begin. This week has been so incredibly busy.

I’ll start with the home front. Last weekend we went out for a lovely breakfast. It was such a treat not to cook! The cafe had the cutest little teapot / cup set. We don’t eat sausages or rashers except on a very rare occasion if we are out, so they tasted amazing & were such a treat. When we got home, our daughter got busy making lovely things for us at her own kitchen.

my week at a glance 23 a

Our son had an eye appointment on Monday & was prescribed glasses for distance. He picked a superman case & is doing really well. It’s not easy getting used to glasses for the first time, but he’s amazed by everything he can see with them on.

There have been a lot of appointments over the past few weeks & things have piled up on me both at home & on the blog. To top it all off, I have laryngitis. I made the decision to skip 2 posts this week & take it easier (it’s only so easy a mom of 3 can have it lol). I’ve caught up on laundry & am getting the blog back on track.

We visited my sister in law for her birthday Tuesday evening. My voice was nearly gone when we arrived & it went down hill with all the talking. We had lovely treats & chat as always when we get together with family.

On the blog front, I have a review for storieChild storybook & Oisin The Brave Robot Island children’s book live this week. I have four social media giveaways coming up for the Autumn. Follow Cuddle Fairy on Facebook & Instagram to stay updated! There will be 3 giveaways which would make excellent Christmas presents for the little ones & one giveaway that’s just for you!

my week at a glance 23

On Sunday, I attended my second ITWBN event in Galway at The Ardilaun Hotel. The guest speaker was Joanne Larby, The Make Up Fairy. She has achieved so much yet she is down to earth & is a really lovely lady. Her talk has left my head spinning with information. That’s myself & Joanne above; photo by Love, Joules. We had delicious treats & lots of lovely chat.

Read my full post about the event here.

How was your week?

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