The A – Z of Me

I was tagged for this challenge by the lovely Domesticated Momster. Her A – Z post is laugh-out-loud funny. You can read it here. She has a really fun blog about motherhood with a side of wine. Check her out if you haven’t already.

Now to come up with things about me, A to Z!

A – My kids are the Apple of my eye.

B – There are three Boys in my house.

C – I’m not a Cat lover…

D – I Definitely prefer Dogs.

photo1 (2)

E – I miss eating Elephant Ears (a delicious pastry from the Jersey shore)

F – I truly value my Friends both near and far.

G – There are two Girls in my house.

H – I believe that Gratefulness Makes Us Happy! If we can be grateful for what we have, we will be happy.

I – I love to drink Iced Tea! Especially Lemon Snapple.

J – I enjoy Jam & butter on scones & brown bread. Yum!

K – I am a really terrible Kyte flyer, they always crash!

L – I Love my family more than anything.

M – I am a very proud Mommy.

N – I am a New Blogger, and loving every minute of it. There just aren’t enough minutes in the day!

O – Today is Cuddle Fairy’s One Month Old Birthday! Celebration time!!

photo2 (1)

P – The Parent Blogger Leaderboard updated today & I am slotted in for my first ranking at #85, which has made my day!!

Q – Ok, Q is challenging…resorting to Google now… ok, I can be Quirky!

R – I enjoy Rock Music, and pretty much every type of music.

S – At times (only on very rare occasions of course) I can be Stubborn.

T – I enjoy watching TV with my husband after the kids go to bed. With a glass of (wait, I’ll save that for W)!

U – I often wear my hair in an Updo when I’m home with the kids. Or out of the house, who am I kidding?!

V – Domesticated Momster’s “V” words are stuck in my head right now! lol Can’t get them out! Oh, I know. The Vibe someone gives me goes a lot towards my first impression of them.

WWine! No explanation needed 😉

photo1 (3)

X – Oh brother… Let’s just say sometimes I Xerox things & move on…

Y – One of my favourite Seinfeld episodes is the Yadda Yadda Yadda one!!

Z – I really love Ziplock bags. I store everything in them!

That was really fun. I’d like to tag these wonderful blogs, if you would like to take part. Let me know if you do so I can read your lists.

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