The Good Place – A Cuddle Fairy Review

As part of the Netflix Stream Team, I’ve been enjoying complimentary Netflix and getting to tell you guys what I’m enjoying watching! So today I want to tell you about a Netflix Original show called The Good Place. There are currently 2 seasons of The Good Place on Netflix & I’ve watched them both.

I won’t give anything away that happens because I like being surprised by a show and not knowing the entire thing before I see it. So I’ll keep this brief.

In short, The Good Place is about a self-absorbed woman named Eleanor who’s played by Kristen Bell. In the first episode, she gets welcomed to the afterlife by an angel named Michael, who’s played by Ted Danson. He tells her that she is in “the good place.”

She quickly discovers that there has been a case of mistaken identity and she is in the good place because they think she is a different Eleanor Shellstrop who is a human rights lawyer and did extraordinary things on Earth. Determined to stay in the good place (and avoid the bad place), she tries to make herself a better person.

What I like about The Good Place

Plot Twists:  So many shows and movies are quite predictable. I feel like I know where things are going to go before they go there. With The Good Place, that’s not the case. It’s taken some pretty big twists and turns in the two season’s I have watched. That has kept it fresh and interesting!

A New Concept:  Also, so many shows are similar to each other. This is totally different. I’ve never seen a show that’s like The Good Place before – it’s definitely an original!

Varied Timeline:  The Good Place brings you back into the lives of the characters when they were on Earth and forward again to the afterlife. The way it moves it keeps the plot interesting and engaging.

Humour:  It takes a humorous approach to the idea of an afterlife. There are some pretty deep concepts but they are presented in a fun and humorous way. And the writers have come up with some funny quirky things about the good place…like you can’t swear there. So when someone tries to swear, there are funny replacement words like fork & shirt instead.

Philosophy:  I was a philosophy major in college so I’m delighted to hear the philosophy throughout the show. It leaves me with something to think about after the episode is over. So while it has humour it also has substance and makes you think.

The Characters:  The characters interact really well together! Without giving any plot away it’s hard to discuss the characters except to say that they are unique and interesting as a group.

Check it Out for Yourself

The Good Place has gotten fab reviews on Rotten Tomatoes & IMDb. And you can see a short trailer for The Good Place right here (I picked one that doesn’t give too much away)…

Have you seen The Good Place? Let me know in the comments. And follow Cuddle Fairy for more Netflix updates and exclusives. x

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