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Top 5 reasons to visit Niagara Falls for an adventure holiday

There’s no end to the number of tours, attractions, and events on offer at Niagara Falls. From foodies to animal lovers, there’s always something to cater to your tastes. Without a doubt though, one of the most popular types of holidaymakers who journey here every year is the thrill-seeker, and here are just a few reasons why they keep coming back for more…

  1. You can “Journey Behind the Falls”

It’s one thing to take your picture in front of the Falls from an observation deck, but it’s quite another to get up close and personal, which is exactly what you’ll do on this tour. Via a system of tunnels and elevators, you’ll work your way down 150ft into the horseshoe rock-face, before reaching the observation platforms. You’ll be able to witness this thundering sheet of water plunged 13 stories down, and even walk away with a rain coat souvenir.

  1. You can explore the Cave of the Winds

Accessible from Goat Island, you can now experience a whole new dimension of Niagara Falls by taking the Cave of the Winds tour. You’ll board an elevator that plunges 175ft downwards to the base of Niagara Gorge. Your guide will take you through the twisting wooden walkways to the Hurricane Deck, as gallons of water rush past you into the earth just 20 feet away.

  1. You can travel by MistRider Zipline

The newest attraction to Niagara Falls that’s sure to get your heart racing is the MistRider Zipline experience. On one of four zip lines, you’ll shoot past the Falls, Niagara River and the Gorge at speeds of around 70 kph, suspended 220ft in the air. This ride isn’t for the faint-hearted, but with unparalleled views of the stunning surrounding scenery, it’s certainly worth the trip.

For those adventurous types, when you are in Niagara, you aren’t far from some truly amazing ski slopes and can enjoy many options for exciting singles ski holidays.

  1. You can learn how to flyboard

Have you ever been propelled via an aqua-fuelled jetpack 40ft into the air? Well, now you can! Flyboarding is a brand new, totally unique kind of watersport. Combining traditional water-skiing techniques with propulsion jets strapped to your back, trained experts will introduce you to this up and coming past time, leaving you with a truly unforgettable experience.

  1. There are dozens of hiking trails

Who says an adventure holiday has to get your heart racing every day? There are so many parklands and beautiful nature reserves to explore around Niagara, so why not put on your best boots and take one of the hiking trails? Not to worry, even a beginner can do it with this guide.

They’ll be signposted from most hotels in Niagara Falls, and there are also bookable guided excursions if you’re concerned about getting lost, or fancy learning about the geology of the area. From the rugged terrain of Devil’s Hole State Park, to the picture-perfect views that you’ll find in Dufferin Islands, there are plenty of hidden gems just waiting for you to discover here.

Have you been to Niagara Falls? What activities did you do during your stay? Let us know by leaving your travel story in the comments…

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