My kids thrive on praise. They absolutely light up when we tell them how well they have done. It’s a wonderful feeling to be told you’ve done a great job and it’s so important for children to feel good about themselves.

There have been times when I found myself having to say no to my kids a lot, for doing things they aren’t supposed to do. It really brings me and the kids down when that would happen. So, instead I started trying to give more positive than negative input to my kids each day. This was challenging on those days when everything seemed to go wrong and I felt like no one was listening to me. But, I made a point of praising them for the good things they were doing, rather than constantly focusing on the negative behaviors. As a result, I found they listened & behaved much better.

Some of the things I praise my children for are being good to each other, sharing, thinking of someone else, being kind, being generous, for putting away their school bags, shoes & coats, and for helping me. I also encourage my children by praising their abilities. Such as doing well in school, being artistic, athletic, generous, etc. I praise them each for their natural talents. Every child has her own strengths to be encouraged.

My kids have responded so well to praising their efforts, which means I can cut down on the nagging. That makes for a happy mommy & kiddies!