My Story

Cuddle Fairy

Hello and welcome to Cuddle Fairy. I am Becky O’Haire – healer, teacher, mother, and lifestyle blogger.


Originally from NY, I now live in the beautiful West of Ireland in County Mayo, with my husband, three kids and our sheepdog. 


The energy and magic of the land where we live is very important to me. I’m deeply connected to the beautiful spirit of Ireland, Mother Earth and our Guides and Angels.

I work with my clients to help them to step onto their soul path by clearing blockages and patterns from their energy fields to support them on their path to self-empowerment and sovereignty.


Everything is Within

Since early childhood, I was very connected to the spirit world. I closed the door on my connection when I went to college and university where I received a degree in Philosophy and in a degree in Law. I lived a regular life, got married, moved to Ireland, and became a mom.

After years of working through emotions and working with my mindset, I experienced an abrupt awakening where the unseen made itself known to me again and changed my life path.


And with that, I began to self reflect, and take ownership of my life and my beliefs. I started making tangible, positive changes by stepping out of the victim and suffering mindset.

During this awakening process, I’ve overcome a lot of fears and learned a lot about what it takes to become self-empowered and sovereign.

I work with my clients to help them to reconnect to lost aspects of themselves and to support them on their path to self-empowerment and sovereignty. I assist my clients in stepping onto their soul path by clearing blockages and patterns from their energy fields. And by giving guidance through readings, workshops and courses.

My goal is always to help people to go within and heal themselves, because everything is within us. Our power, our connection to Source and to Earth and to our higher selves is all within. 


 My clients transform through this work into a state of empowerment, and into the fullness of their potential and their soul purpose.

I am based in County Mayo, Ireland for in-person sessions, however, due to us all being energetically connected, you can receive distance healings, angelic guidance, or coaching anywhere in the world via email or phone.


How Cuddle Fairy Began

I started my Cuddle Fairy as a parenting and lifestyle blog in 2015 with the intention to help others with their mindset and to spread some positive Light. I wanted a name that felt like a warm hug and I adore fairies and angels and so with that, ‘Cuddle Fairy’ was born.

Cuddle Fairy blog and social media channels gained popularity quite quickly and I have had the privilege of working with a lot of great brands via my blog over the years.

Cuddle Fairy has evolved since my awakening to encapsulate all aspects of myself and I’m certain this space will continue to grow and change with me.

I believe it’s very important to honour all aspects of ourselves. To allow ourselves to be multi-faceted and multi-dimensional and to not hold ourselves in a box, limited by the idea of who we have always been. For that reason, I’ve kept everything I have to offer in one place.

Balancing The 4 Bodies

My personal journey with making a mindset shift began well before I started my online presence. I have always had an interest in mindfulness and how our mindset affects our life.


When I started to study how our mind affects our body and reality, I found a great shift in my emotional and mental states. I felt lighter, happier and could enjoy each moment more.

Mindset tools can work wonders and have worked wonders for me personally. But I have found that if there is an energetic or emotional imbalance, no matter how much effort is put into working on the mindset, it feels like fighting a constant battle against yourself to stay in a positive space. And I could only get so far on my journey with thinking tools alone.

For me, there was something else missing. And that was energy healing. When our energy is blocked, we aren’t in harmony and our mental state is fighting with our emotional state and energetic state. Balancing my energy has helped to balance my emotions and mental state, and has allowed me to truly self-reflect, make changes and step into my personal empowerment.

Full healing comes through addressing all four of our bodies – our physical, emotional, mental and energetic. And by working through limiting beliefs, patterns, our emotions and fears we open the door to inner child and trauma healing. And with that, we take ownership and become self-empowered and more intuitive as we become more aligned.


My Awakening

I had a spiritual awakening in 2016. At the time, I had no idea what a spiritual awakening even was or what was happening to me. All I know is that my entire world blew open and I learned how much more there is to life than the physical world we see. I began to receive images and messages from my Angels and Guides.

As a child I was quite open spiritually but I also used to be afraid a lot so I drew a line over that side of me and ignored it as much as I could. That is until my awakening experience when I couldn’t ignore any longer. After working through fears, I learned that the energetic world of Light, Angels and the Divine is all around us. We each have a Guardian Angel who is with us constantly and never leaves us.

My life has changed for the better since my awakening because of my energy shift but also because of my deeper connection with the Angels and Spirit. Realizing that I am never alone, that none of us are ever alone, is a comforting and amazing thing. Taking time to connect with our spiritual side each day has been a gift and has helped me so much on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. All we have to do is ask, and the universe is here to help.

During this awakening process, I’ve overcome a lot of fears and learned a lot about what it takes to become self-empowered and sovereign.

Healings & Readings

I offer a few different types of energetic healings. Healing energy is channelled through me to the client. Energetic healings clear the energetic bodies, allow energy to flow which can relieve discomfort and align the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. And raise the frequency.

Energy healings also awaken us to our soul purposes, releases fears, anxiety and help us connect with our higher selves and the Light.

Having an Angel healing was a life-changing experience for me and I am honoured to provide this healing to others as an energy therapist. My Soul Chakra was opened during the healing, and with that, my life path became so clear to me. I lost all of the fears about coming forward as my true self. I feel freer, lighter and much clearer in thought. And that’s why today, my blog has been transformed into a website where I offer my products, services and continue to share my lifestyle content.

As a reader, I offer readings using cards that bring guidance as well as direct messages from the Angels. I connect to the client’s Guardian Angel and Guides along with my Angels and Guides.

natural energy healing.png

Certified Practioner

I have had the great pleasure of learning energy healing by channelling from Source and the Angels directly. I’ve also completed practitioner courses and attunements. I am attuned to the angelic frequencies of the Archangels, Seraphim Angels and the Violet Flame. I’m also trained in QTTT which is a trauma healing / soul retrieval therapy.

I have combined my learning and trainings together to offer my clients well rounded energy healings and readings to suit their individual needs.


Online Courses

My online courses are designed to take all of our four bodies into mind when making a positive shift in our lives – our emotional, mental, physical and energetic bodies. The intention with my courses are to help you to become self-empowered and to have tangible, positive changes in your life.

I have tried a lot of courses, and read a lot of books. What I find is I get really excited about making a change but then nothing happens. And that’s because with most courses you aren’t taught how to integrate the change you want to see into your actual life.

My courses teach you how to integrate the empowering and changing concepts into your reality by creating new simple habits in your daily routine.


Energetic Products

I have always had a deep connection with crystals, feeling their inherent nature and energies from a young age. As I developed my energetic gifts, I began to use crystals for healing myself and my clients.

Crystals naturally have an abundance of healing, protecting, grounding and energising properties within them that can be utilised.

I channel the high frequency, angelic energies that I work with to deliver healing and readings into crystals. This creates a unique energy within the crystal which provides a connection to Source, your higher self and the Angels. The crystals can also provide protection and can be used to form strong energetic grids.

Over the years, I have had the great privilege of gathering Light Codes which are stored in my personal crystals. These Light Codes are transferred to the crystals in your bracelet or crystal gift by their sitting for 3 days with these powerful crystals which hold high-frequency Light Codes and sacred wisdom and from all around Mother Earth.

These Light Codes will transfer to you and to your other crystals when you wear your bracelet or place your energised crystal product on your other crystals at home. Light Codes within crystals activate and align the Light Codes that are within you, waiting to be awakened. These Light Codes and activations help us to align our energy with the 5th-dimensional new energy of Earth.


"Becky has a true gift. Her reading was insightful, inspirational and comforting. Her reading was so accurate to the circumstances I asked for guidance on. Her reading has given me the confidence to know I am making the best life decisions for myself and family and guidance on how I should proceed in the future. I am so grateful for this experience."

- Kelly Bray