For those of you who haven’t heard of the Clean 9, it’s a nine-day detox system from Forever Living. There is then a follow on diet after the Clean 9 that is based on calories & exercise.

I recently completed the Clean 9 & since completion over the past month have lost 9 pounds & a good few inches. I’m delighted with the results & have been (mostly) following a limited calorie diet & exercising ever since. I say mostly because the lovely weather was hard to resist a few beers & tasty BBQ! I want to share my new clean 9 & diet experience with you.


My Background with Forever Living

My sister in law introduced me to the Forever Living aloe drink 5 years ago. I found it really beneficial. I also really love their hand soap. If I use regular soap my hand develops an awful red rash & my skin actually breaks – it’s quite sore! I’m also a fan of the Forever Living deodorant. I’m a regular user of their products.

After I had our first child I never lost the last 10 pounds of baby weight. So after having our second child I was pretty massive. I tried some diets unsuccessfully & just couldn’t get myself into a routine. I did my first Clean 9 when our son was 2 & felt amazing afterward. It was the jump start I needed. I lost 30 pounds over the course of 4 months & fit in all of my pre-baby clothes. I also had more energy & felt really fantastic.

Our third child turned 3 back in February & I have again been struggling to get into a good diet & exercise routine so I decided to do another Clean 9.


My Clean 9 Experience

Days 1 & 2 you don’t eat very much. I found it much easier this time around because you can snack on fruits. My hunger was managed well with the aloe drink, shake & supplements. Day 3 – 9 you have a shake for breakfast & lunch & a 600 calorie dinner. I find 600 calories too much for dinner after two days of fasting so I move 200 calories to lunch & have a 400 calorie dinner instead.

This time around I feel really great about my results. I’m not as dedicated as I was the first time but I did feel the benefits from the detox & I feel like I have a good jump start to my calorie counting & exercise. I feel clear headed & much more energetic. Since the Clean 9, I’m aiming to stick to 1,500 calories a day. I have continued with the Forever Living chocolate shake for breakfast but eat normally for the rest of the day. The shake is such an easy way to start the day & is only 200 calories.

So wish me luck as I count calories & do my best to stick to a healthy diet & exercise!

Please Note: I ordered & paid for the Clean 9 myself.