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Cuddle Fairy

Finding Your Voice

This 4-week, self-paced online course teaches you a new mindset and tools you can use every day, to bring happiness and joy to your life right now. To stop being controlled by your thoughts and to let go of things that don’t serve you.

This course is for anyone who feels overwhelmed, stressed or disconnected. If your thoughts control your emotions or if you find it hard to separate yourself from your thoughts, this course will change your life.


7-Day Positivity Challenge

This free positivity challenge is a great way to work positive thinking into your daily routine. I will guide you through each day with simple instruction which gives you a positive focus for the day.

The material is short, taking only 5-10 mins to read or watch each day, making this challenge easy to slot into your daily routine.

These courses are designed to awaken your higher awareness, and to give you control of your thoughts, beliefs and perspective. This will enable you to be an empowered creator of your life.

Becky explains the course material in a clear and easy way and provides simple methods for you to incorporate into your daily routine.

Your Instructor

Becky is passionate about empowering others through her courses, blog and social media.


She is a student of philosophy and has studied positive thinking, mindfulness and spirituality for over twenty-five years. Becky has also completed practitioner courses and energetic attunements. 

Becky has made tangible, positive changes to her life by shifting her mindset and cleansing her energetic field.

Read more about Becky.

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