4 Things You Can’t Miss In Manchester

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Are you planning a trip to Manchester this year? Here are a few things that must be on your schedule. 

The Stadium 

If you are a big fan of football, then we definitely encourage you to visit the Manchester football stadium. Even if you’re not, this is an experience like no other and there are also guided helicopter tours around this area too. So you can get a complete birdseye view of the stadium. If you take one of the backstage tours, you’ll also be able to learn all about the fascinating history of the stadium and discover why it attracts thousands of tourists every year. 

The Trafford Centre

One of the biggest attractions in Manchester is The Trafford Center. People from all over the world have heard of the huge complex that has a number of different activities inside. For example, if you want to go shopping, there are plenty of different stores that you can choose from. If you want to get something to eat, choose from a whole range of different cafes and restaurants that are on offer. Or, if you want to do something like play mini-golf, you’ll find that here too! With so many different options, it’s no wonder that the Trafford Center is such a popular option with people travelling here.

You could spend an entire day here and not run out of things to do, so it’s certainly worth visiting if you can. Don’t waste your time travelling around trying to find these things individually, just head to the Trafford Center where it’s all there for you. 

One of the coolest things about the Trafford Centre is the theming which can be seen throughout the attraction. For instance, in the dining area, it looks like you’re on a luxury cruise ship. 

The Printworks 

If you are a movie buff and enjoy something fantastic to eat, The Printworks is a fantastic location. Ideal for a date, or just for a movie, the cinema here is beautiful. Afterwards, head down to one of the restaurants available, or perhaps one of the bars depending on how you are feeling. Be aware that it can get a little crowded though, so if you don’t mind lots of people, this is a good location. Just make sure that if you are on your very last day here, you look into a solution such as Radical Storage Manchester so you don’t have to carry around your luggage.

Don’t Forget About Shopping 

While there’s no Oxford Street, there are plenty of places around Manchester where you will be able to go shopping. We’ve already mentioned at least one of the options to consider here with the Trafford Centre. However, there are also massive malls in the centre of town too. You’ll find all the designer outlets scattered around here that offer some of the best shopping opportunities you could possibly imagine. You can even think about exploring local shops that you won’t find anywhere else in the UK.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see four of the things that you just can’t miss in Manchester. Not only because they are all such large buildings, but also because they are an incredible experience for anyone.

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