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5 Ways to Advertise Your London Based Business

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Standing out from the crowd in a busy city like London can be a challenge. After all, there are well over a million companies all competing for consumer attention.

However, there are strategies you can employ to help get your budding brand noticed.

Whether you’ve recently started your business or are a well-established name looking to inject some new life into your marketing, here are five ways you can advertise your London based brand.

Advertise on Transport

With more than 3 million people using public transport in London every day, this is the perfect way to get your business noticed.

If you’re looking to reach potential customers that may never have considered your products and services before, London’s vast network of public transport will get your brand in their eye line while they commute around the city.

Transport for London offers a range of advertising opportunities from buses to the underground, allowing you to target an ever-revolving cycle of potential customers.


Despite services such as LinkedIn expanding networking opportunities well beyond physical locations, there is still an enormous value in networking within your local area.

Always have your business cards to hand and be social with those you meet while you’re out and about – we know that this isn’t something that comes easy to every Londoner!

Take part in conferences, seminars, and events in your industry to meet with like-minded leaders to help you navigate the business world, and even connect with potential clients and customers.


While there’s no replacement for a curated SEO strategy, PPC advertising is a superb way to supplement it.

PPC gets your adverts in front of the eyes of your potential customers instantly as they browse the internet.

Of course, doing this yourself is possible, but you’re better off enlisting the help of a PPC agency like Maratopia Digital Marketing. These London-based professionals will help you master the art of marketing and target customers who are most likely to want to invest in your brand.

Leaflets and Flyers

While this might seem like a quaint way to advertise your business, posting leaflets and flyers in your local community is a great way to attract footfall to your company.

With the pandemic and the search for sustainability increasingly driving customers to seek out small, local businesses, you’ll see the benefits to your brand.

Visit local cafes and communities and speak to them about putting up flyers in their windows and leaving leaflets on their counters and tables where customers are most likely to see them.

Illuminated Billboards

London’s answer to Times Square, Piccadilly Circus is known for its large, illuminated advertisements and has been owned by Land Securities Group since 1968.

While space is a lot more limited than its New York City counterpart, if you can manage to get your brand up in lights, you’re on to a winner.

Are you advertising a London based business? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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