5 Ways to Strengthen Family Bonds

Support from the family unit can be one of the greatest blessings in our lives. It can take some effort though, to create a positive and strong family bond. But, it is an effort that’s well worth being put in! So today I’m going to give you five simple ways to strengthen family bonds. I’d love to know your tips in the comments!

Develop Healthy Communication

I think that the fundamental aspect or baseline for any strong family bond is communication. When people scream at each other or disregard each other’s words, it creates tension and drama in the family unit.

Open and honest communication requires two parts. First, for the person doing the speaking to speak with honesty, calm and from the heart. And second, for those listening to take on board what the person is saying without judging them or attaching guilt or taking it personally.

This healthy communication takes practice and can be difficult to get right starting off if there is a habit in place of unhealthy communication in the family. Seeking help from a counsellor online like those offered on ReGain.us can help guide the family unit and get the ball rolling in a positive space.

It’s never too late to start working on healthy communication both with your parents and with your children. This is beneficial for all generations.

Eat Together

There is a lot to be said for the traditional family dinner together – without any devices or television on. All day we are quite busy and distracted from each other. If everyone can come together for that family dinner, it’s the opportunity to chat and bond simply by being in each other’s company.

We have a no phone or tv rule at our table. It’s family time and that makes meals an opportunity to bond.

Spend Time Together

If we don’t make an effort to spend time together, days go by and turn into weeks and months. We can easily get into our own grooves where we do our own thing, only touching base at the family meals.

It takes some effort to plan to do things together. It can be anything! Even something like sitting and watching a movie together, going for a walk or playing a board game. Simply share space and being together is a huge benefit for strengthening family bonds.

Family Meetings

Since the lockdown has started, we hold family meetings and it’s a practise I plan to continue with. It’s an opportunity to touch base and see how each member of the family is feeling, what they are thinking about and to address any concerns.

What I learned through the family meetings is how the kids can take up a piece of information into their own way and cause concern or fear that’s totally unfounded. We don’t play the news with the kids around but kids can overhear things so easily and it can create an issue for them. That’s why touching base at family meetings is a big benefit.

When you have your first meeting, make sure you explain that it’s a positive space, no one will get angry or give out to anyone else. That everyone is free to speak their concerns. And make sure you all keep to that promise.

Take part in each other’s interests

Soccer has never been an interest of mine but my two boys are mad for soccer so now I am too. I watch their games, discuss soccer with them and will occasionally watch a match on tv with them too. The same goes for the rest of us, we support each other and take an interest in each other’s interests.

It means a lot to someone to take an interest in what they are interested in. It’s another opportunity to bond and it creates more experiences for the family to share and be able to talk about.

That’s my top 5 tips, let me know what you’d add in the comments.

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