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50 Things Make Me Happy

I am so happy to be tagged in Mumma Scribbles recent post, “50 Things that Make Me Happy.” You can read her fabulous list here. It’s really nice to pause and think about the things that I love and that make me happy. So, here I go… In no particular order:

1.  My three wonderful children.

2.  Everyone being healthy.

3.  When my kids pull daisies from the grass & give them to me.

4.  Having a relaxing, family Sunday at home.

5.  My husband.

6.  Blogging! I am loving writing & sharing my posts.

7.  Birthdays – love a birthday party!

8.  Spending time with my & my husbands amazing extended families.

9.  New clothes, handbags, jewelry – anything new. It’s so exciting.

10. Eating fruit. (is that odd?)

11. BBQs on a gorgeous sunny day.

12. Reading & commenting on other blog posts.

13. Tweeting.

14. Family days out.


16. Drawing & coloring with my kids.

17. Christmas – the entire season, not just the day.

18. Buying a gift for someone.

19. Seeing my children learning new things.

20. The sound of my children laughing.

21. Meeting fellow bloggers on social media.

22. A cup of tea after cleaning the house (not the cleaning bit)

23. Being on a boat – haven’t been in forever!

24. Butterflies.

25. Our Doggie.

26. Watching my kids happily playing with each other.

27. A glass or two of wine.

28. Getting dressed up for a night out (a very rare occurrence).

29. My fabulous friends, both near & far.

30. Hosting or attending a party.

31. Dark chocolate covered pretzels.

32. Reading my kids a bedtime story.

33. Cuddles.

34. Eating a meal without kiddie interruptions (another very rare occurrence).

35. A full night sleep!

36. Crisp, sunny winter mornings.

37. Going to the park with my kids.

38. Teaching my kids something new.

39. Going to the cinema.

40. TV & chat time with my husband after the kids are asleep.

41. The beach.

42. Painting – once upon a time I used to paint pictures.

43. Doing anything creative on my own or with my kids.

44. Carving Halloween pumpkins with my kids.

45. Having house guests.

46. Playing board games, Monopoly, Life, Clue are favorites.

47. Reading a good book.

48. High heels.

49. Reading a fashion magazine.

50. Seeing other people happy!

Wow, it was much easier to hit 50 things than I thought. I was a little concerned it’d be hard to think of 50. But, I could keep going! Everyone should take a few minutes and make this list. It was a lot of fun.

I’d love to hear what makes you happy, so I’m tagging:

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    –   Domesticated Momster 

    –   Liz at Working Mummy and Wife

    –   Dawn at Pennies Add Up

    –   Luisa at Cool Busy Moms (when you go live)

    –   Laura at Dot Makes 4

    –   Doctomom

I can’t wait to read your posts girls!!

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