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7 ways you can save more money on your energy bills this winter

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While we would all love to get our windows replaced and new insulation in the floor, walls, and roof, we probably don’t have the time or money to invest. Winter is already here, and the gas prices are soaring; you need some instant actions that will make some sort of impact on your bills. And this is what we are here to provide, some money-saving tips that you can take right now without having to pay a thing.

Wear a jumper

We all too quickly switch our heating on when a bigger, thicker jumper might be enough. Even if you do put the heating on, still wear a jumper. For every degree you turn down your heating, you could save up to 3% of your heating bill.

On average, a home uses about 11000 kWh of gas per year, averaging around €774 per year. 3% of that is around €23 - which is easy money, when you consider it’s only one degree. Even more could be saved if we started reaching for blankets and jumpers before the thermostat.

Close your curtains

Your windows could be leaking out up to 25% of your heating bill each month. On the same average €774 heating bill, a quarter of this is due to the drafts and leaks from your windows – over €190 on your bill per year. Obviously, investing in new windows will counter this. However, we are working on quick wins, and you can claw back 20% of this loss by simply closing your curtains.

Turn off lights

20% of your electricity bill comes from lighting your home. Switching off one bulb for an hour that is not needed will save you a penny. Multiply this saving by the number of bulbs you leave on and for how many hours. Let’s play it safe. 3 bulbs left on for 3 hours is a saving of €0.09 for that short time. Assume you do this over a month, and you have a saving of €2.70.

Bleed your radiators

Ever turned your heating up and felt no warmer? It could be that you need to bleed the air trapped in your radiator. The air is stopping the hot water from flowing effectively. One simple act could mean a reduction in your thermostat by 3 degrees or more. Let’s say this saves you €3 a month, as a conservative estimate.

Switch of appliances at the wall

The Energy Savings Trust that €95 a year is wasted by keeping appliances on standby. Flicking the switch could save you an impressive €7.90 a month.

Shorter showers

A shower is more energy-efficient than a bath, and a four-minute shower is more than enough to soap up and rinse off. On average, we spend 8 minutes in the shower, and this can cost approximately 30p. We do this every day at the cost of €2.10 a week. Half it, and that’s a save of €4.20 a month. Each time you take a bath – well, that is about €0.05 a time.

Wash clothes in cold water

Almost all of us wash our clothes too often. The amount of grime in our clothes can be removed by cold water. You will cut your per load energy costs by half. This is a saving of €0.16 per load. With a load a day, you will save about €4.80 per month.


Over a month, you could conservatively save €24.17 per month with these energy-saving tips. This is almost €300 a year with no cost to your wallet or to your comfort levels.

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