Be My Bear Party Kit Review – Make Your Own Bear!

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My three kiddies are huge stuffed animal fans. So when I told them they could pick a box of bears from Be My Bear to make with friends at home, well the excitement levels were off the charts! Be My Bear offers teddy making kits similar to the Build-A-Bear experience.

Be My Bear’s innovative teddy bear making kits allows you to make a bear or animal friend wherever you choose! Their fun, no-sew kits are super easy to use and can be made anywhere – at home, at a party venue, while on holidays…anywhere! I have a lovely giveaway for you readers at the bottom of this post – so two of you can get to try making a Be My Bear friend.

We sat down together at the laptop and explored the Be My Bear website which happily is really easy to use! They offer single bears and animals and also party kit packs which have a mix of animals or kits with 10 of the same animal. If you can’t find a kit to suit your needs, you can place 10 individual packs into your cart and they will create a party pack for you.

There are plenty of gender neutral, naturally coloured animals and there are also teddies and animals done in pinks and blues. We had a hard time narrowing down our choices. Our Be My Bear Party had 8 boys, 2 girls, and the kids ranged in age from 4 – 11. So we decided to go with the 16″ Snow Leopard party pack because we knew everyone would love it!

First Impressions

Our Snow Leopard party pack arrived in a big box which was super exciting! When we opened the box, all 10 leopards were looking up lovingly at us. Our first impression is how sweet they look and how incredibly soft and well made they felt. Just look how adorable they are…

Everything that was sent is well made, we were so impressed and still are with the high-quality items.

The Party Packs Contains:

* 10 animal skins

* 10 bags of fluff

* 10 wish upon a star charms

* 10 birth certificates

* 10 carry bags

* 10 party invitations

Be My Bear threw in some fun extras for us! They added 10 passports for the bears, 6 hats, 4 visors, 10 t-shirts & two packs of fabric markers. They also gave us 3 cute outfits for my 3 kiddies’s snow leopards.

The passports are so realistic and were a big hit as were the hats and t-shirts to decorate.

Preparing for Our Party

In preparation for the party, we wrote out invitations to 7 friends. Then we opened up all 10 party bags and placed the bear skins, stuffing, a star charm & a hat or visor into each one and wrote each child’s name on each bag.

My plan was to let the kids stuff their new snow leopards first and when that was finished, hand out the passport and birth cert to fill out. And after that, to hand out the t-shirts to decorate. My thinking was that by doing it this way, by handing things out piece by piece, it wasn’t too much in front of them at once.

I cut a piece of cardboard and placed it inside each t-shirt to make writing easier.  We printed out 10 pictures of the snow leopards and glued them into the photo page of the passport to make it look even more realistic. You can see both of these tips in detail in my video below.

Because we opted for the pack where all 10 animals are the same, I cut a length of red ribbon for each teddy with the intention of writing the teddy’s name on it so we’d know who’s leopard is who’s.

Party Time!

The party went off without a hitch! Honestly, all 10 kids had a blast. The older kids loved it and were well able to do everything themselves. The 4 & 5-year-olds needed help stuffing and filling out the birth certs and passports but loved every minute of it.

There was myself and two friends of mine at the party which made 3 adults to 10 kids. Because most of the kids were over 8, that ratio worked quite well. If you were going to have a party with 10 kids under 5, I’d recommend a few extra adults to help. To do fun photos with your new creations, check out lovely backdrops for every occasion and season.

Feedback from the kids & parents at the party:

* The passports look real!

* The t-shirts and hats were easy to write on and it was fun to make it ourselves rather than buying clothes from a shop.

* It was so fun to make these with friends!

* The bears are sooooo soft and cuddly!

* The zip & velcro closure are easy to use and secures the bears nicely.

* The high quality of the bears, bags, and accessories.

See it For Yourself

Watch as we unbox our Be My Bear box of goodies, prepare for the party & have our party!!

Final Thoughts

The Be My Bear Party Pack gets two thumbs up from all of us. All 10 bears were brought into bed that night – which is certainly a seal of approval. When they look at their new teddies, the children will always have fond memories of making the snow leopards with their friends.

The boys made sports tops and put the hats on backward which made their Be My Bear leopards look super cool. The kids all love their new best friends and the accessories were a great addition to the party and for imaginative play at home after!

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