Christmas Toys from Tesco

I’m all about online shopping and am totally spoiled by it now. I have my grocery shopping delivered every week to the house. So when it comes to Christmas shopping I prefer shopping online rather than running from store to store.

This year I was delighted to get an email from Tesco offering us some toys for this Christmas. Tesco Direct has a huge selection of toys that can be ordered online & shipped right to your door. Or, if you are ordering something secretive for the kiddies, ship them to a relatives door instead. 😉

So I of courses headed over to Tesco’s website & started to shop for the kiddies. The Tesco website is so easy to navigate. You can search by the type of toy, or category like outside or construction. Or you can search for brand names like Plum or Disney. If you aren’t sure what the child you are buying for will like, you can search by age and see what’s popular in their age group.