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Cuddle Fairy is 1 Year Old!!

One year ago yesterday, Cuddle Fairy went live! I started building my blog in February & I had a few posts written before the big launch. I’ll never forget that day! Our wifi went out – AGAIN. It was the last straw for me & I changed providers. But that morning I was in a panic. I had to drive a few miles down the road to the church where there is patches of 3G from town in order to launch Cuddle Fairy.

For the rest of the day, I was hanging out of the window of my house trying to catch a faint signal to track what was happening with my brand new blog. So many issues cropped up that day along with the wifi – like Facebook pulling a random photo for posts instead of the feature image, the gravatar images were way too bit on a mobile phone & several other issues too.

I remember so clearly feeling like I’d never get things working the way I wanted them to work. Since that day I’ve had so many other issues to figure out & fix. And honestly I’m only slightly more confident – every time something goes wrong, I think I’ll never get this to work right. But in the end, it always does! Whether I figure it out with google, by asking blogging buddies or by asking my theme’s tech support – in the end, it sorts out!

Blogging has been an ongoing learning experience for me over the past year. Google has seriously become my best friend! I knew nothing about creating a website or online presence before starting Cuddle Fairy.

What can I say about the blogging community except that it’s amazing! I’ve heard people talk about bloggers being clickish or competitive. I’m lucky & happy to say that I haven’t encountered this. I’ve found nothing but supportive people out there. I’ve asked several of the top mommy bloggers for help over the past year & they have all answered me. And quickly too! I can’t say enough good things about this amazing community.

I’ve gotten to know a lot of bloggers through the two linkys I run weekly. It was the best thing for me – to both join & run linkys. I’ve met bloggers who I now consider to be friends of mine!

I’ve learned a lot about myself through my blog. I found my blogger voice & confidence. I stopped worrying about my niche or theme or anything like that. I write about what I feel like writing about & I hope people want to read it. I have a lot of variety on my blog & plan to keep it that way. I’ve also learned so much from reading other blogs. I think this quote sums it up nicely!

Happy 1st Birthday Cuddle Fairy (1)

In celebration of Cuddle Fairy’s first birthday & as a big thank you to my amazing readers & followers, I am hosting FOUR giveaways! Get all of the details & enter for your chance to win some pretty fabulous prizes over on my First Birthday MEGA Giveaways post.

I’d like to say a big thank you to my lovely readers for reading, liking, sharing & for your supportive comments. And a big thank you to my blogging buddies for making this community awesome & for embracing me & my blog! xx

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