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Cuddle Fairy LIVE on the AO Show iRADIO

Yup you read that right. Early this morning, I spoke LIVE on the air with Aiden & Oonagh from the AO Show on iRadio! Excited doesn’t come close to describe how I felt…and a bit nervous too if I’m honest. It was my first radio chat and I really really enjoyed it.

This week iRadio is allowing small businesses to write them with the chance of sponsoring a show…for free! Obviously, usual sponsors are big business who pay a lot for the advertising. So this is a huge opportunity for small business to get featured.

So I emailed in about Cuddle Fairy & my new four-week course that I am running here in Westport. And happily, I was selected to be a sponsor.

So I spoke with Aiden and Oonagh live on air and created a little ad…. also live on air… I was not given any prompts for this so I was hearing the questions for the first time live on air. Which made it all exciting and fun.

They played my ad and mentioned Cuddle Fairy several times during the AO Show. And I have to say I loved every minute of it!

I recorded my 3-minute interview & the ad they put together on my phone…have a listen…

Finding Your Voice

The course I am speaking about on the clip is called Finding Your Voice. It will run for 4 Wednesdays in the Wyatt Hotel, Westport. Each week we will chat about an aspect of positive thinking. This is the flyer…

The point of the course is to realize that you get to choose what you think about. We don’t have to be at the mercy of our thoughts which take us to worry, or reliving past conversations or events that were upsetting. When we realize that we get to choose our thoughts, we can make huge changes in our life.

Each week I will give practical advice on how to bring changes into your routine. Reading or hearing positivity talk is great and inspiring but if you don’t do something to bring it into your daily life, it doesn’t become part of you and nothing changes.

So my goal is to introduce a few ways of harnessing simple concepts like gratitude, into the daily routine to bring happiness to your life, as doing these things has brought to mine.

If you have any questions or would like to attend, please contact me 🙂

I have had a lot of interest in an online version of this course from people who aren’t local, and am planning on putting one together for release in November, so stay tuned for that.

So…what did you think, did I sound ok on the radio? lol

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