Does being a parent blogger take away from parenting?

Today marks the end of our Easter holidays. The kids have been home from school for two & a half weeks. We have had such a great time! We had two lovely nights away at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Galway which you can read about here. We had a fun day out & a trip to an indoor play center.

I always love having the kids at home. I hate back to school at the end of the summer or holidays. Looking back over our two & a half weeks, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I only took 3 days off from blogging. I skipped Candid Cuddles one week & one Monday post. Besides that, I’ve been trying to keep up. But that hasn’t been easy with the kids home & so much going on.


In hindsight part of me wishes I had taken more time off. The other part of me wishes I had spent more evenings blogging to keep everything going. It can be hard to juggle everything. This made me start to wonder – Does being a parent blogger take away from parenting?

As the feature quote says – parents are teachers, guides, leaders, protectors & providers for their children. Our children need us for so many reasons. They need us there to support them & also to have fun with them. And everything we do goes into our children’s memories. We all want our children to remember their childhood fondly.


I think all parents have guilt for their own unique reasons. I’ve been a stay at home mum since having kids so taking some time each day to work on my blog is a big change for all of us. I see the change as mostly positive. I do most of my blogging early in the morning & after bedtime so most of the day is dedicated to the kids. But there have been days where I need to spend time blogging & sometimes I feel guilty about it.

I try to remind myself about the opportunities blogging has brought us & that if I worked outside of the home I wouldn’t see my kids all day long anyway. But sometimes I have those doubts in my mind if I am doing the right thing by blogging.


I’ve read a few great quotes that speak about children needing happy parents. It’s not just about the children being happy – it’s about their parents being happy so they can do the best for their kids. And, so that children see that their parents have their own interests & happiness in life. Blogging makes me very happy! I think that alone is a good reason to do it.

I’d love your opinions on it. Do you think parenting blogging takes away from parenting? x

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