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Dream Girls Bedroom Ideas

Now that my kiddies are getting a little older, I’d love to decorate their rooms to reflect their personalities. Hopefully, we can start decorating them this year. In the meantime, I adore looking at interiors design ideas for inspiration. Lately, I’ve been looking at girls bedroom ideas because our little baby has just moved into her big girl bed! She was so excited to go shopping & pick out her bedding. She loves pretty pink things, as you can see!

girls bedroom ideas 5

I’d love to create a beautiful bedroom for our daughter. There are some really amazing girls bedroom ideas out there. My favorites are the designs that are unique, pretty & also practical. For example, I love this high bed. It adds extra floor space to the room & creates a fun place to play underneath it, like a fort. The gray & purple colors combine to create a cool & modern space.

girls bedroom ideas 2

Bobo Kids, High Bed

The practical rooms are gorgeous but I’m always taken in by the unique & magical rooms, like this one below with a tent bed. How fun would it be to get to camp out every day without leaving the comfort of your own home? I love how the side flap opens & closes for the full tent experience. The camping theme is complete with a tree bookshelf.

girls bedroom ideas 3

Bobo Kids, Tent Bed

This nature inspired room looks cozy & relaxing. The deep, warm colors look amazing with the dark timber floor & bed. The detail of the sky continuing on the ceiling makes it so unique. The dark & vibrant colors would be eye catching for the lucky child who gets to sleep here.

girls bedroom ideas

Olga Mudryakova, Solidarity

While I’ve fallen in love with several girls bedroom ideas, my favorite design is this light, airy & feminine room. The pinks, purples & white go so well together. The splashes of blue & green makes it feel like a beautiful garden. The indoor tree house is adorable & would be the perfect place to play, regardless of the weather. It’s two levels of fun with a beautiful play kitchen that fits so well under the tree house.

girls bedroom ideas 1

Victoria Plasencia

I know my daughter would be delighted with any of these rooms. They are all beautiful. Do you have a favorite?

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Homify. 


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