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Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Leggings during Pregnancy

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Getting a pair of leggings is usually challenging, and this may even be harder if you are pregnant. As your body changes, you need a legging that fits well and offers maximum comfort and support to your tummy without pressing it.

Thus, before hitting the road to the store to get your maternity leggings, you should research to identify one that feels amazing since nine months is such a long time to live uncomfortably. Your leggings material is also important, and getting wool or cotton fabrics may be ideal during pregnancy.

Read on to find out everything about wearing leggings during pregnancy.

Types of Leggings for Pregnant Mothers

There are at least three types of leggings moms can match with their casual maternity dresses or tops. These include over-the-bump panels, low-rise fits, and foldable bands. You should choose leggings depending on how you prefer to dress your belly.

As the name suggests, over-the-bump panels are stretchy and go above the belly. This covering is ideal as it supports your tummy, relieving your back of excess pressure.

Low rise fits are suitable for moms who prefer uncovering their bumps as they sit below the belly, while foldable bands are versatile, and you can wear them below or cover your belly.

Can Leggings Hurt My Baby during Pregnancy?

Leggings are safe to wear during pregnancy. You can pair your leggings with kurtas or a nice top designed for pregnant moms. To ensure you are comfortable, you should buy cotton leggings made of stretchy material to avoid squeezing your waist.

What Should I Consider When Buying Maternity Leggings?

Unlike your everyday leggings, your maternity leggings should stand out in the following features:

  • Good belly coverage to ensure comfort

  • Quality material

  • Good length

  • Versatile for all your pregnancy stages

When Do I Start Wearing Leggings?

While every pregnancy is different, most moms will start wearing leggings in the second or third trimester, when the bump is growing fast, and most clothes fit tight. However, you can rock leggings throughout your pregnancy, but regular leggings will be uncomfortable and wearable in the first trimester only.


Comfort is necessary during pregnancy, and what you wear will determine this. While other ladies prefer casual maternity dresses only, you can pick your favourite shirt dress or top and style it with your maternity leggings.

While doing this, ensure you pick the right type of leggings for maximum comfort.

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