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Fitoons App Review – Exercise, Eat Healthy & Get Fit!

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As regular readers know, I am a big fan of healthy, organic eating and a healthy lifestyle for both adults and kids. So when Avokiddo got in touch about us reviewing their exercise & healthy eating app we were really excited to give it a try!

The eating habits that develop in childhood have a big impact on adult health and lifestyle. So starting children with eating a healthy diet has benefits throughout their whole life. And it’s been shown that following healthy habits during childhood makes it more likely that the child will hold onto these habits throughout life.

When children eat healthy foods, they may avoid many health issues that can affect them both during childhood and into adulthood such as obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Also, children who eat a healthy diet receive brain development benefits. (healthy eating reference)

For adults, exercise usually involves going to a gym or doing some planned activity. But for kids, exercise means playing games and being physically active as part of their day. Kids exercise at school, during recess or gym class, at dance class or soccer practice, while riding bikes, or when playing outside. Exercise can be lots of fun!

Health benefits for kids who exercise regularly include stronger bones, leaner body, less risk of becoming overweight, better sleep, and they can be better able to handle physical and emotional challenges. (exercise reference)

So it’s clear that starting a routine of healthy eating and exercise in childhood is really critical and helpful to the child’s health for their entire life.

Get to Know the Fitoons App

The Fitoons App encourages kids to have fun while learning about healthy eating and lifestyles. The aim is to inspire kids to develop good habits, eat a variety of foods, and add exercise to their daily routine.

Some Highlights of the Fitoons App:

  • For ages 4+ Type: Educational, free-play, healthy habits No 3rd party ads, COPPA & GDPR compliant No in-app purchases No internet connection required

Get Exercising: There are 6 characters to choose from and a variety of sports gear to dress them in. And there are 20 different sports to choose from, at the gym and in the fresh air. Each workout movement is performed in real time, requiring skill, precision and timing.

Healthy Eating: When it’s time to eat, head to the fully-stocked kitchen, where you can blend, chop, microwave or fry up foods in a silly or conventional way. You simply drag and drop food onto any appliance to start cooking.  And you can chop the bread and veggies. It’s a free-play game style so children can explore as they like.

See it in Action

Check out the Fitoons App promo video below to see what the characters are like and how you can bring them exercising or into the kitchen for some healthy eating.

Our Thoughts

My kids enjoy playing outside, using their imagination to create adventures in the playroom and for a half hour each day they can use their tablets or my phone to play app games. I like to think it’s a healthy mix of activities for them that way.

So we downloaded the Fitoons App which I used first. I went into the parent’s zone and played around with the characters. But, it wasn’t until my 11 year old got his hands on it that the App truly came to life. He earned new veggies and characters by completing exercise and by feeding the characters healthy foods in the kitchen.

fitoons app
fitoons app

The Fitoons App is easy and intuitive to use. As you can see, the menu is super easy to understand and navigate. And within the exercise and kitchen sections, the app is fun and inviting. You simply tap or touch and drag to create action within the App.

I love that there are no in-app purchases and no internet required. As a parent those are two huge pluses.

The kids enjoy the different characters, their expressions, chopping up food and making them do jumping jacks. The App is fun as free play, which allows the kids to do what they like and use their own imagination to play. The more you play the more activities, characters and foods you unlock so it keeps the activities interesting.

These screenshots are from when we first started using the App. The longer you use it for exercise and healthy eating, the more characters, exercises and foods you earn and the menus along the right light up with additional options. And that makes it even more engaging and interesting.

fitoons app

I think this App is a lovely way to encourage healthy eating and exercise through a game. Kids can be inspired to exercise and play and eat healthy like their Fitoons friends do.

Get more info on the Fitoons App website and check them out over on the App Store.  In December the app will also be available on Google Play and Amazon.

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