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Five cars all mums should be looking at in 2019

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There’s never a good time for it, but inevitably, any mum is going to need to upgrade her car. In between the school runs, playdates and any potential new arrivals, your car really does take a battering over the years!

Whilst the thought of forking out for a new motor might send most of us over the edge, there’s plenty of ways you can afford a new car. From financing the leasing, there are loads of ways you can spread to cost and stop your bank account from going into a meltdown.

Plus, nowadays, there are loads of cars that are designed with us mums in mind. So, what cars should you be looking at to keep your family functioning?

Not a regular mum, a cool mum – Citroen C3

If you’re looking for something stylish, look no further than the Citroen C3. You’ll certainly be the talk of the playground when you pull up in one of these as they have an exciting range of personalisation and customisation for the exterior.

They’re pretty big too, with plenty of storage and compartments for tucking away the endless toys and books you can’t seem to shake off.

One of the best bits about this car though is the Airbump panels that run down the side of the vehicle. This is basically a godsend to any parent who has had to configure a tricky multi-story car park with the kids kicking off in the back. The material is water and sunlight resistant and, most importantly, scratch-resistant – say goodbye to those annoying scrapes caused by tight spaces when unloading a pram!


Every mum wants something a little more practical. A car that is not too big, a vehicle that still has great boot capacity and is easily accessible with three or five doors. You can get the Astra in different styles but one of the most common options would be the hatchback. You can find a great selection of Vauxhall Astras and other models online by searching for Vauxhall cars for sale from Pentagon. But while you know you can get a great deal on a car like this, you might be wondering whether the Astra is the long term option for you. 

The Astra not only has space to grow into, so perfect for a growing family, but you also know that you are going to get some great specification and value for money. Air conditioning, DAB radio and access points for phones with Bluetooth capacity. It really is a safe option and perfect for the mum that wants the practical side of motoring to be effortless.

Keeping it casual – Nissan Qashqai

If reliability is what you’re after, then you should check out the Nissan Qashqai. A cross between a hatchback and a 4×4, this is a great car if you’re after something with more space inside.

Also, the Qashqai has loads of safety tech in its mid-range model including lane-departure warnings and traffic sign recognition – ideal for when you’re running the little ones about!

The room in the back of this car is also ideal and since the doors can open quite wide, it makes installing a car seat a breeze.

Living it large – Mitsubishi ASX

A classic SUV, this is the stuff that mum car dreams are made of.

The boot is relatively large so you can easily throw in the pram and what feels like 60 bags of emergency supplies with no trouble at all.

Similarly, up in the driver’s seat, you’re surrounded by hidden storage including space within the armrest which is great for hiding those much-needed back-up juice cartons for longer journeys.

The suspension on this model is also fantastic, so don’t worry about bumpy journeys waking up kids who have (finally) fallen asleep in the back seats.

Compact and cool – Volkswagen Polo

Maybe you’re not after a massive car for ferrying the family about, in which case, the Volkswagen Polo might be just what you’re looking for.

This dynamic car is great for mums who are after something that’s a little easier to park and nip about town in. The Polo has fairly low running costs and is known for being quite easy to drive.

Polo’s also come with automatic emergency braking that will apply to brakes if the car senses an obstacle on the road that you may not have noticed yourself. This is so important for family cars as you’ll often be driving in and around school areas where children may be running around.

Standing out in a crowd – Kia Stonic

A bit like the Citroen C3, the Kia Stonic is another great model for adding your personal flair to a car.

If buying from new, you can choose to opt for a two-tone paint model which gives the body and roof different colours. This could make finding your car in a car park a little easier!

The SUV style gives this car that slight bit of extra room as well as storage. Unlike other SUV models though, the Kia Stonic is pretty economical when it comes to fuel which means you won’t be filling up what feels like every day.

Also, the reversing camera on this car is great for when you’ve got to park in a hurry if you’re late for picking up the kids from another after school club.

So, now you know about which cars you should be scoping out as a mum – which one will you go for?

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