Frequently Overlooked Qualities Of The Pencil Case

There are so many inherent, positive qualities of pencil cases that are frequently overlooked. 

Unfairly branded as a bland everyday item, these handy resources can provide a great deal of stress relief for the lucky owner. They can be a point of expression, or even facilitate golden social opportunities in your child’s early development. 

Let’s further explore the frequently overlooked qualities of pencil cases down below. Stay with us on this one! 

Themed Interests

Your child’s pencil case can reveal a great deal about their character and interests. 

For example, a kid’s soft pencil case from Smudge features a groovy design of skull logos. Their holographic and somewhat edgy imagery can be very appealing and is easily something that they and many of their peers would find ‘cool’ to look at. Though they can enjoy the use of the large storage compartments and the easy-to-use double zip system, it’s the design that really catches the attention of a kid’s eye. 

In that sense, a pencil case can be something akin to a fashion accessory. If you carry around a designer bag to store all your makeup, books, or tissues, then why not a pencil case for stationery? It can have a similar effect and help your kids find common ground with their peers in their class. 

Confidence Booster

When your child is prepared for school, they can attack the day ahead with everything they have got. 

It might seem surprising, but there are some poignant descriptions of pencil cases floating around on the internet. One of them comes from The Guardian, stating that “A pencil case holds the promise of a new and better-organised life.” It might seem somewhat cheesy and overblown sentiment, but there is a ring of truth to it. Learning can be a chaotic process, but the pencil case lends some structure to the proceedings. 

Even just on the subconscious level a pencil case can work wonders. Much of what your child needs to thrive academically is right there beside them. They have a resource they can depend on, whether they need a pencil, rubber, compass or calculator. No embarrassing moments of raising hands and asking for supplies, no teasing for being poorly prepared; just slick efficiency, every day, all the time. 

Friendship Support

If your child has a pencil case, then they can be someone their friends can depend on. 

Your daughter or son can take on a supporting role in a classroom by storing their spare stationary inside their pencil case. People will go to them asking for a spare pen, and if your child can kindly provide it, it wins them points in the social hierarchy all schools no doubt have. Every parent would prefer their child to be liked in class, and a pencil case might just contribute in some way toward that. 

It’s also just a nice way to build existing friendships, of which can help boost grades at the best of times. Even young kids like to know their friends have their back, and if your child has a pencil case, they may be able to be there for their friend in those instances. Little gestures overtime count for a lot, and people remember acts of kindness no matter what form they take. 

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