Galway Fashion Trail 2016

Some of my March highlights were the fashion events I attended in Galway. I was delighted to be one of ITWBN bloggers to be chosen to attend the Irish Fashion Innovation Awards. It was an amazing night of fashion. Two days later I was back in Galway for the 2016 Galway Fashion Trail. I attended the Fashion Trail last year & thoroughly enjoyed the day out. But I have to say that I found this year’s fashion trail even more fun.

For the fashion trail, shops around Galway city each host a fashion show with models from Catwalk Modeling Agency who did an amazing job. Each shop showcases their own fashion along with accessories by an Irish designer. Bloggers move from shop to shop to see each show. The shows are open & free to the public. The shops put out tasty treats & drinks like prosecco & smoothies, which are free for everyone to enjoy. It’s really fun day out for the bloggers & shoppers alike.

Galway Fashion Trail 2016

Fashion from Pia on the left & Willow on the right.

I’m impressed by how the models & the team from Galway Now Magazine move from shop to shop the way they do. They carry the microphone equipment, the stage & all of the bits & pieces with them. And both years the shows went off without a hitch!

I learned my lesson the hard way last year – not to wear heels on the fashion trail. And, not to wear too many layers because going from shop to shop made me warm last year. So this year I went for black wedges, skinny jeans, a black t-shirt & faux leather jacket. I dressed up my usual Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo bag with a scarf.

Galway Fashion Trail 2016

The fashion trails are organized by Golden Egg Productions & ITWBN. They select bloggers to attend a special breakfast, lunch & wrap party. The day started out for us bloggers with an amazing breakfast at Colm Quinn BMW Galway. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything much from the breakfast but I was really proven wrong. They put out such a lovely spread for us.

Galway Fashion Trail 2016

Galway Fashion Trail 2016

After breakfast, we were chauffeur driven into Galway city in the most amazing BMWs! Horns blowing, music playing & all of us giggling. It was the perfect way to kick off a day of fashion. We arrived at the first shop in such style!

Galway Fashion Trail 2016

Galway Fashion Trail 2016

From there it was hopping from shop to shop enjoying amazing fashion & innovative Irish design! And, sampling the lovely treats the shops had left out for us!!

Galway Fashion Trail 2016

Fashion from The Style Studio (Don’t Call me Dear) on the left & Willow on the right.

Galway Fashion Trail 2016

Yummy treats at Choice Boutique.

Last year’s Fashion Trail post got quite long, as I highlighted every shop & designer. This year I wanted to focus on the fun & experience of being on the trail! What better way to do that then sharing my Snapchat photos with you!? So here they are – this is what went out on Cuddle Fairy’s Snapchat (cuddlefairy1) while I was on the trail!

Two quick points – unfortunately, I couldn’t get the Snapchat videos to play on youtube, but you will hear the sound of the cars beeping & the music playing.One little edit is where I have typed “next show: Colette Latchford” it’s actually Treasure Chest! Whoops! I hope you enjoy…

The bloggers were totally spoiled for the day! We had a gorgeous breakfast, lunch & wrap party. And, tasty treats in the shops. Plus we were given goodie bags filled with lovely things from the various shops & from Colm Quinn BMW. All of the ITWBN events I’ve attended have been great bonding experiences for me & fellow bloggers. I always leave inspired & uplifted.

If you are in Galway for the next Fashion Trail I high recommend attending! The fashion in the different shops & lovely treats made for a fun day out for everyone!

I’d like to give a huge thank you to Golden Egg Productions & ITWBN for inviting me to the Galway Fashion Trail! x

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