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‘Greige’ masks Ireland’s love for colour

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Today I want to share some interesting research DFS has found which paints a picture of the colour of Irish homes, and the unrealised colour crush that homeowners harbour. And found that fear of failure is holding back a nation longing for more colourful homes!!! Does fear hold you back from a more colourful home? Let’s read what DFS has found out…

Shades of greige (neutral tones of grey and beige) are masking a longing for colour across the nation’s homes, according to new research by DFS.

While neutrals remain the Irelands top colour choice, with 26% of Irish homeowners opting for grey, cream, beige or magnolia as the prominent colour theme in their home, it’s clear from the findings that many of us are eager to embrace a bolder palette. In fact, more than 75% of Irish Homeowners want to inject more colour into their homes – compared with only 46% of our neighbours in the UK having the same aspiration.

The research reveals that, unfortunately, our colour aspirations are hampered by a crippling self-doubt, with almost 40% of Irish homeowners fearing failure when it comes to choosing colours for their home. Over a third say they lack inspiration on how to introduce colour into their homes and a further one in five are worried that colour changes that they make will date quickly.

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Blue is the nation’s favourite colour and one that people would like to use more. And even through the colour pink is very much on trend, it is the colour that Irish people are least confident in using in their homes. Other colours that Irish people haven’t confidence in using include black, purple, red and orange.


The longing for colour amongst Irish homeowners is at risk of being lost.  With most homeowners opting for a neutral living space, the nation faces a self-fulfilling beige bottleneck. Just under 40% of homeowners stated they are worried they will not like their colour of choice once implemented when it comes to bringing colour into their home.

In Ireland we get our inspiration from newspapers and magazine with 33% saying that’s where they look for inspiration when choosing colours. This compares with only 17% being inspired by social media such as Instagram and Pinterest.  We are also nature lovers with 31% inspired by the colours of nature followed closely with inspiration got from holidays and from the homes of family and friends.

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While the overall picture of Irish homes might be a collection of neutral nesters, DFS sales data shows a growing trend for colour crusaders – the fearless few following their colour ambitions. While paint remains the nations favourite way of injecting colour into a space, one in five Irish people chose a sofa as a quick fix way of introducing colour. In fact, sales of pink sofas have increased in 2018. And in the UK, underpinned by the launch of the Windsor sofa from the Joules collection exclusively at DFS, sales of yellow sofas at DFS have more than doubled year. The Joules collection arrives in Ireland at the end of June.

Commenting on the findings, Jean Brixey, Merchandise Director at DFS said:

There’s nothing wrong with a neutral colour palette, it can be the basis of a beautiful home, but we also know that so many people are hiding their love for colour behind a fear of failure. Colour can have such a positive impact on how we feel in the sanctuary of our homes, whether that’s a colourful couch or accent chair, or a more neutral sofa in a colourful room.

Bringing colour into the home shouldn’t be something people are fearful of. It’s simply about recognising the colours you love and forgetting any fears of getting it wrong. While our friends and family are often the ones we turn to for inspiration, we also want to help people find the colour confidence they’re longing to unleash.  Our new color hub has a host of inspiration for how to use and combine colors to realize a palette that can make you smile.

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I am guilty of a neutral home. I like the idea of adding pops of colour with furniature or home decor. What do you think of the findings? For some inspiration check out live in colour with DFS.

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