Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ll be honest with you from the start – Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday I get super excited about. It feels very commercial & forced. But, I do enjoy saying “I Love” you to my loved ones that day. And, eating chocolates. lol So, even though I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day fan, I do get excited for the lovely cards & love in the air.

The feature quote above is so gorgeous. It says it all about true love! It’s impossible to explain what love feels like – you have to experience it for yourself. Especially the love of a child. There’s no way to imagine how intense that love is.

Our daughter turned 3 yesterday! She was born 4 minutes before midnight – so today was nearly her birthday! After she was born I asked what time it was – I was wondering the whole day what her birthday would be. We spent Valentine’s day together in the ward. The hospital gave me a lovely poem & tasty Valentine’s Day dessert. Valentine’s Day will never be the same for me as now I think about our daughter’s first Valentine’s day when she was