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Following the success of the STEM app OOKS: What’s that Rumbling?”, Zulleon have launched a suite of 5 new OOKS apps, as well as a brand new OOKS animated short series. OOKS are cute and interactive little creatures that live in their own unique world where children can play, learn and explore.

All OOKS apps are based on freemium gameplay formats, with no third-party in-app advertising. All OOKS apps are free to download and have optional costings of 99p – £2.99 to unlock the full version of each app. The free versions are colourful, fun and give you a great idea of what the app is all about.

The OOKS digital playground promotes storytelling and creativity and has been accredited for its educational benefits and child-safe eco-system and so much fun!

The Apps run really smoothly are creative and colourful. They are also silly which is fun for the kids, they got a good laugh from them especially my 6 & 10-year-olds.

Learn about the OOKS Apps

Even though the new apps have only just launched on IOS and Android, they are already getting rave reviews.  Each App has a different set of activities and formats. Here is a little about each app.


Create your very own OOKS character and adventure book. This is our personal fav out of the OOKS Apps. As soon as you open the app, you are straight in to create your own story. There is no option to pay until the very end. You can enjoy creating a character and going on the adventure you design, completely free.

We created Liss Miss Ooks by choosing my daughter’s fav colour, animal and other options. Then we were off an adventure that had lots of twists and turns and decisions for her to make. At the end you have the option to pay for an ebook, I have a voucher code below where you can create a free one!

It’s a lengthy process and one that the kids had a lot of laughs at. The process itself is fun without even creating a book. You move your OOK around, make decisions and do colouring too throughout the book creation.

You can see how super cute Little Miss Ook turned out…

The book gives loads of choices and is super interactive and silly. The kids got big laughs out of blowing snot or serving bellybutton fluff in the restaurant. There are lots of twists and turns after that, download the app to create your own OOK character and adventure.


A fast-paced infinity runner game where players can discover the fun and entertaining world of OOKS. They can explore places like the Groaning Oaks Forest or Marsh Mallow volcano.

OOKLAF needs your help to find all the story stuff pieces so he can create more amazing OOKS. Race through each level and each time you find 3 StoryStuff pieces OOKLAF will use his magic and make another OOK.

Collect your OOKS and choose which one you want to play each level.

Coloring OOKS

A free colouring book app for children of all ages. Colouring OOKS is so simple and easy to use. You pick your colouring pack, then select the picture and let your imagination do the rest.

There are plenty of fun tools to choose from including pencil, marker, paintbrush, crayon and even Storystuff textures like pizza toppings, glitter and sprinkles!

Kiddies can express their creativity through getting hands-on with virtual glitter and sparkle paint (Little Miss’ personal favs). The artwork can be saved to a gallery accompanied by silly sound effects and sparkles!

Little Miss found this challenging at first. If you zoom in on the image and use a stylus it makes colouring easier.

OOKS Toys Box

Is a learning app that makes learning really fun. It is filled with 6 games in one app. It promotes learning through play – developing literacy, numeracy and observational skills. From Puzzles to memory games, to building a tower of cats, whales and even unicorns. There is something for everyone in OOKS Toy Box. What’s great is there are various levels so kids from younger to older can enjoy. My kids from 6-12 each found levels and games that were fun for them.

The six games are:

  • Skelet-OOK’s Critter Tower (building)

  • Brainy-OOK’S Memory Game (matching pairs)

  • Disc-OOK’s Slider Puzzle (solving puzzles)

  • OOKLAFS’ Word Search

  • Delici-OOK’s Hidden Objects (finding hidden critters and objects)

  • Baron Blot’s Tic Tac Toe

Match 3

This is a fast-paced and colourful match 3 game that is full of action and adventure. There are 100 levels with lots to discover and worlds to unlock. You touch and swipe to move 3 OOKS in a row. You can play with or without music and with or without wifi.

Each App has a description and short video on the OOKS website that shows what it is like so you can get a sense of it before downloading.

Animated Shorts

OOKS have launch of 22 x 90 second animated shorts that are available on YouTube and will available in the coming weeks on Amazon Prime Video. There will be brand new Shorts launched each month.

The animated shorts are a nice way to introduce you to the fun characters that live in the World of OOKS. It’s also a nice accompaniment to the app. My kids love seeing characters from one place in another place.

They have so many views on their YouTube channel already, OOKS are really taking off. Check out one of the shorts:

Learn More

There is a really fab competition on OOKS world where you can see your story get made into one of their short films. Get competition info here.

Explore the world of OOKS and download their free apps on the OOKS World website.

And enjoy OOKS animated shorts on the OOKS HQ YouTube channel.

Use the code MYFREEBOOK to grab a free personalized OOKS ebook. Full details:

Final Thoughts

We really like how bright, colourful and silly the OOKS are. There is plenty of learning and interaction in the Apps but also loads of fun and laughs too. I appreciate how smooth the apps run and the high level of interaction that the kids get from them. There was a lot of fo time spent in development and that really shows.

They are free to download but to get the full value it’s worth spending the few pounds to unlock all the features. There are no ads but there are in-app purchases to unlock the app / buy your book. There is a parental code of easy maths to answer before the app lets you go to the Play Store to stop little ones from buying accidentally.

Have you tried any of the OOKS Apps yet? Which one do you like best?

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