Having Fun with OOKS Apps!

collaborative post

Following the success of the STEM app OOKS: What’s that Rumbling?”, Zulleon have launched a suite of 5 new OOKS apps, as well as a brand new OOKS animated short series. OOKS are cute and interactive little creatures that live in their own unique world where children can play, learn and explore.

All OOKS apps are based on freemium gameplay formats, with no third-party in-app advertising. All OOKS apps are free to download and have optional costings of 99p – £2.99 to unlock the full version of each app. The free versions are colourful, fun and give you a great idea of what the app is all about.

The OOKS digital playground promotes storytelling and creativity and has been accredited for its educational benefits and child-safe eco-system and so much fun!