Helping Your Child Become More Environmentally Conscious

Our planet needs looking after, and it’s a lesson that you will want to instil in your children from a very early age to make them a more environmentally conscious individual. It has never been more important to be mindful of the environment, and that is why I’ve teamed with an Independent School in Surrey to offer some guidance on making your child eco-conscious. 


Hopefully you already recycle, but how involved is your child in that process? Get them to help out in organising the different materials that you’re taking to be recycled, all the while making sure to stress why it is that you recycle at home. Making recycling and the idea of being conscious about the different types of materials that you’re using round the home a commonplace part of home life will go a long way to making your child more environmentally conscious. 

Get Outside 

One of the most engaging ways to make your child more aware of the environment is to get out in nature itself. Bringing nature to life, and allowing them to see the natural beauty of the world in action can make your child connect with the natural world in a very meaningful way. You can design activities outside that focus around respect for nature as well. Create a patch in your garden for growing plants, get your child to observe and list the wildlife and creatures that are around them or set up a bird feeder so they can see what birds come along to say. Simply let your child observe nature, and it is very likely they’ll fall in love with its many wonders. 

Conservation Around The Home 

By demonstrating that you yourself have a keen awareness when it comes to environmental concerns will inspire your child to be more aware themselves. You can do this at home by not just paying attention to what’s going on outside and recycling, but by showing an awareness of your energy, food and water use as well. Demonstrating an awareness of trying not to create waste, and a behaviour which prioritises efficiency will be a great way to be a role model and encourage your child to be mindful of not just the world outside, but how everything around them can affect the environment. 

Simply Talk 

Having open conversations at home around notions of the environment will make the topic something that feels like a natural part of your child’s day to day life. Keeping it a topic of interest at home will help the importance of the issue sink in to your child. Be ready to ask any question that they may have on the subject, and look up the answers you don’t know together, demonstrating your own willingness to learn more about how you can care for the environment.  

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