Holiday Hosting Tips

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner with family this year. My Thanksgivings in Ireland are different than those in the U.S. & being the only American around, I host Thanksgiving every year. I also love hosting dinner parties, Christmas dinner & other holidays. In this post, I’m going to share my holiday hosting tips with you!

In my Dinner Party Tips post, I focus on non-holiday parties where you can opt for easier choices. With a holiday, there are so many side dishes & courses & you want everything to turn out perfectly so there can be added pressure on the hosts. Here are my tips to help things run smoothly.

Holiday Hosting Tips:

1.  Make lists.

a.  Make a list of everything that’s to be served with each course. Include every little detail because it’s easy to forget something. If it’s all written down, then it’s easy to reference while you are cooking & serving. I even include things like cranberry sauce, after eight mints, tea, etc.