Home Interior Trends for 2020

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With a new decade upon us, we are looking for fresh starts and inspiration to bring a positive start to our new years. This goes for our homes too. With so many exciting and innovative trends for 2020, you can make simple changes to your interior to change the whole look and feel of your home.

Here are 5 of my favourite trends that I think are simple, exciting and could be combined together to create nice changes in your home.

Neutrals with Scandi Style

I have to say that neutrals are my favourite colours in a home. This year I am loving the scandi style with its clean cut lines and green plants that are accompanying the neutrals. They are adding a touch of warmth and nature while keeping clean lines and light and airy spaces. For a simple change, you could add some plants to your home and clear clutter to get an open and airy, natural vibe.

Neutral and Textured Carpet

Carpet trends are changing from brights to neutrals. There are trends for a neutral wall to wall carpet that acts as a neutral colour palette for a bold pop of colour on a wall or piece of furniture (see more in the next point). That’s coming back in a huge way for 2020.

In the past, bold colours have been used for the carpet but now we see a shift to more earth-toned, neutral colours with monochromatic designs in patterns and textures. What’s really interesting in carpeting in layers where a rug is placed on top of wall to wall carpet, giving interest and warmth to the room.

courtesy of Elle Decor

Pop of Colour

The age of grey is leaving us for neutral palates with pops of colour. I personally am not a big fan of grey, I love my neutrals. And I’m loving this theme of having certain bright pops of colour within your neutral colour palette. This would also work really well if you have greys in your home. Bold colours are also coming on trend for kitchen cabinets, bringing a bright and fun look to the kitchen workspace.

Choose a wall, or statement piece of furniture to paint or replace with a bold colour choice. The whole room will get a different look from making one change.

Vintage Style

I adore a bit of vintage style here and there. And it is coming back with a bang! It’s not all vintage looks, rather it’s taking a vintage piece and adding it to your clean-cut room.

Imagine having your clean-cut, neutral room and adding some textured carpet and a statement vintage item – it would bring so many styles together into one unique and fun space.

You can often pick up an old table with spindle legs or an old clock for cheap that you can repaint and add to your home. I love this room below, it combines the beautiful trends I’m featuring here into one unique space.

Cosy Fabrics

What better way to round of your stylish room than with a soft throw blanket, or a new plush footstool. A room becomes so much more inviting and comfortable to relax in when it has cosy fabrics. Adding a nice, cosy something to your room is a simple and easy way to make a change to your space.

What do you think of these trends? Will you be trying any in your home?

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