How to make your bedroom a stress-free haven

For many of us, our bedrooms are the ultimate place for relaxation in our homes. But, in a time where we’re spending more and more time at home, and doubling up these spaces as working environments, it’s more important than ever to create a stress-free haven in our bedrooms.

From colours to creating separate areas for certain activities, there’s a whole host of ways to curate calm and tranquillity in your bedroom.  If you want to reinvent your space and de-stress your mind when you spend time in your bedtime sanctuary, consider these tips.

Remove clutter

The first step to creating a stress-free haven in your bedroom is to remove all unnecessary clutter from your space, keeping your bedroom as clear as possible. Having a cluttered room can lead to having a cluttered mind, so this is one of the most important parts of creating that haven. Make sure you have plenty of storage so that all of your clothes are put away, and not piled up on that random chair in the corner of the room – we’ve all been there!