How to Make Your House Feel Like a Home

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If you’re not feeling quite yourself in either a new home or somewhere you’ve been for a while, there are changes both big and small you can make. You can even reduce your carbon footprint along the way while making your home more sustainable.

This is the main design trend of 2020 and it’s important to stay natural and ecological. In turn you’ll have fun looking for creative ways to decorate your place with a touch of your personality. Once you’re done with it’ll you’ll be ready to have guests round to show off your efforts.

Make your home cozier and more welcoming this year with these simple suggestions. 

Spring Cleaning

Sometimes the place will just need a good clean to make you feel more at home there. Set aside a day or weekend to fully clear out all your old junk and take it to donate or be recycled. Thoroughly clean your house from top to bottom and take care of any maintenance that might need doing. 

Interior Design

This will add the necessary touches to help spruce up your home. There are lots of interior design tricks to make your home feel more cosy and welcoming. Give your place a lick of paint and freshen it up a bit. Choose a comforting color palette such as soft pinks, biscuits and stone greys.

Color psychology is an interesting subjects as different colors can have different effects on your mood. Add lots of texture as well such as rugs, pillows, throws, and cushions. These are a cheap way to bring warmth and comfort to your living room or bedroom. You can have a look at some antique markets for more original items. 


Put away any clutter but leave the place looking lived in. Set up functional areas where you can read, or eat breakfast. Clear a space to entertain guests when family and friends come over. There are plenty of clever organizing and storage ideas online, to help you make the best use of your space. 

Natural Materials

Opt for natural materials when refurbishing your home. This is a much more durable, and sustainable option. It will also create a warmer and healthier atmosphere than synthetic or mass-produced items.

Climate change is everyone’s responsibility and this way you’ll do your bit for the environment as well. Natural materials are one of the main furniture trends this year, so look for those good quality woods, stone, and marble. These will be a much more permanent choice and you can really make a home for life.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money necessarily either as many furniture items and materials are available second-hand, which again is a more eco-friendly option. 

Creative Touches

If you’re artistic yourself you could make some of your own artwork to help brighten up your place. This would also add a very unique touch. If you’re not exactly an artist you can do this by shopping for second-hand or vintage artwork instead. This is a great way to give your place a timeless look but you can also pick and choose pieces to reflect your own personality and taste. 

Why not also try upcycling? This is a trend which involves refurbishing your home with recycled materials. It can be a fun and creative way to add a personal touch and it won’t cost much. When you’re done you can invite friends over to see your efforts, and maybe think about starting a group. You can swap materials and furniture and then everyone will have unique designs without causing more emissions from manufacture or transportation. 


Animals are a great addition to any home but it’s probably a good idea to consult your local vets first. You can do some research to see which pet would best suit you and your family. Furry, or scaly, friends can bring warmth and love to your home and but should be thought of as a permanent addition to your family. 


A lower maintenance option. Plants bring a calming atmosphere to any home and also help to eat away the air pollution. Get some spring flowers in like daffodils and brighten up the place. Bring the new season into the house. They’ll come with nice aromas as well. 

Move House

Perhaps you need more of a change. Whether you’d rather move from that cozy apartment to a semi detached house, or consider downsizing, you’ll surely find something that better suits you. You can design your new place from scratch.  

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