Improving our brushing routine with DOCTOR PLOTKA’s Mouthwatchers Toothbrush

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The week before last, the five of us switched over to Doctor Plotka’s Mouthwatchers Toothbrushes. We were sent two adult brushes and three youth brushes to try out and see if they live up to the big claim of feeling like you have had a professional teeth cleaning after using them!

We are big into our tooth brushing routine with the kids. It’s really important to establish a routine of good oral hygiene from a young age so it becomes part of their daily routine with healthy teeth for life. But sometimes the results aren’t great in terms of their teeth looking clean, especially around the gums.

The Doctor Plotka Mouthwatchers Toothbrushes have unique polyester flossing bristles that are longer than the traditional nylon bristles and are as thin as a human hair! These bristles gently brush away food and plaque in places other brushes miss. The thicker inner bristles ensure complete cleaning of the gums. This is EXACTLY what we need, especially for the kids gums! So needless to say we all were excited to give these brushes a try.

DOCTOR PLOTKA’s Mouthwatchers Toothbrush

About Doctor Plotka Mouthwatchers Toothbrush

The Mouthwatchers Toothbrushes were invented by a dentist, Dr. Ronald Plotka who developed this innovative toothbrush as part of his thriving 40+ year dental practice.

He developed the bristles to be infused with natural antimicrobial silver which naturally eliminate 99.9% of bacteria that grows on the bristles between uses. The silver infused bristles leave your toothbrush clean and ready for the next use and help achieve better health overall by not reintroducing harmful bacteria into your mouth and body.

The dual-layered flossing bristles are 10 times thinner than ordinary bristles and provide superior cleaning, reaching into areas usually missed by other toothbrushes. The inner bristles are as thin as a human hair and work to gently brush away food and plaque in places that other brushes would miss.

The thicker outside bristles ensure complete cleaning of the teeth and gums. The Mouthwatchers soft polyester bristles will outlast traditional nylon used in competitive brushes by 33% – giving you up to four months of use versus the regular 3 months. The brushes are available in Adult, Youth and Travel sizes.

The revolutionary antimicrobial dual layer flossing bristles, reach into areas untouched by prior toothbrushes, leaving teeth and gums feeling just as clean as after a professional dental cleaning.  Above facts from

DOCTOR PLOTKA’s Mouthwatchers Toothbrush

Our Experience

First off, and most important to Little Miss, is the pretty pink handle and nice design of the Mouthwatchers Toothbrush that fits snugly in her little hand. And the rest of us agree that the brushes clean lines are easy to navigate around the mouth and the handle is comfortable to hold.

For the first few times we used the brush, there was a tingly clean feel to our gums, much like we’d have after a teeth cleaning with the dentist. For four of us, it wasn’t sore but for one of my kids who isn’t as thorough of a brusher, he found it a little sore around his gums for the first few days.

The amazing thing is that we saw the results of cleaner looking teeth and gums immediately. I wasn’t expecting it to be that fast or for it to really feel like a professional teeth cleaning. Maybe it’s the skeptical New Yorker in me. Lol But, now when I rub my tongue along the inside of my teeth they feel smoother and cleaner.

It’s all down to the super thin bristles on the brush and how it gets in better around the gums. I find the toothbrush softer and nicer feeling than the one I was using. I accidentally picked up my old brush one morning and noticed the difference in feeling straight away. The old brush is more solid and not as nicely shaped for getting around the teeth and gums.

The Doctor Plotka’s Mouthwatchers Toothbrush is much nicer on my teeth and gums, it feels softer while also being more thorough. After the first few days, the tingly feeling is gone but the nice depth of clean is still there. For my one child who found it sore, that went after the first two days and his teeth are looking better than ever.

The great thing about them is that the kids’ teeth look much cleaner simply from switching brushes. I didn’t change their technique at all! It was a simple change to make that created a huge improvement for all of us.

DOCTOR PLOTKA’s Mouthwatchers Toothbrush

DOCTOR PLOTKA’s Mouthwatchers Toothbrush

DOCTOR PLOTKA’s Mouthwatchers Toothbrush

Final Thoughts

We have used the brushes for a little over a week now and are truly blown away by the results. Being honest with you, I didn’t expect it to really feel like a professional tooth cleaning but it does! Our teeth are definitely more thoroughly cleaned and I won’t go back to my old toothbrush again. I’ll definitely order the Dr. Plotka’s Toothbrushes going forward.

I’ll update this post in a few months to let you know how the brush lasts so check back here again in the summer. Get more info on the Dr. Plotka’s site.

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